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Pre-Launch Marketing

The road to book publication can sometimes feel long and strenuous. With so many deadlines and details, it can get to be pretty overwhelming at times. We’re here to provide you with the information you’ll need about pre-launch marketing. Read along to find out more about this important step in the publishing process.

Pre-launch marketing includes a variety of services that we at Atlantic Publishing offer our authors to make their book launch go as smoothly and effectively as possible. Discover some of the options available to you in the list below.

Website Creation

As was mentioned in an earlier blog post, having a website is so important for your online presence as an author. To make your job easier, we would create a stunning website that includes an “About the Author” section, an area dedicated to your book, a showcase of reviews from readers, and more. Once your book is listed on Amazon, you’ll be able to add this link to your website to increase overall sales!

Social Media Profiles

In addition to a website, social media is going to help your overall book sales. We can create a number of different profiles, focusing on platforms used most frequently by your target audience. Some of the most popular include Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Book Cover Reveal

A way to get your followers excited is to do a book cover reveal. You could simply post a picture of the cover, or you could do something a little more unique. By opting for the 3D book cover mockup delivered to you in the mail, you could post a live video of you opening the box and revealing the cover to your followers.

Send out ARCs

Advanced reader copies (ARCs), along with press releases, can be sent out to traditional news services (i.e., magazines, newspapers) to increase interest in your upcoming book. We can make these packages unique to your brand by including bookmarks, quote cards, and other promotional merchandise related to your book.

Share Video Book Trailer

Book video trailers are a fairly new form of book marketing, but they are a great way to bring your book to life. If you’d like to learn more about book trailers, here is a blog post dedicated to them.

Each book has a special story to tell, which means the pre-launch marketing will vary from book to book. We hope this list has given you some ideas for your own book. Please reach out to your marketing coordinator for more information. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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