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Overcoming the Challenges of Foster Parenting

By Jordan Wenk

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Foster parenting is often seen as a calling and a mission of love. At the same time, foster parenting can be both very difficult and exhausting. When caring for children who have suffered abuse, neglect, and traumas, foster parents face their own set of unique challenges each day.

The Foster Care Survival Guide is an essential guide for both novice and experienced foster parents. It is filled with personal stories, practical tips and advice, and even humor and emotions; simply put, The Foster Care Survival Guide is a must have for today’s foster parents.

Leading foster care expert Dr. John DeGarmo combines his own wisdom with that of fellow foster parents. Tackling issues such as helping children with disorders and anxieties, how to best manage the lifestyle of a foster parent, working with birth parents, getting the help you need, addressing your own marriage while caring for children in need, and balancing the needs of your biological children with your foster children, The Foster Care Survival Guide delivers experienced, sympathetic wisdom and advice that every foster parent, advocate, and professional needs today as they care for children in need.

Dr. DeGarmo’s book is available now on Amazon, purchase your copy today and see how rewarding foster parenting can be!

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