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My Happy Day

Being separated from a parent can be saddening, but My Happy Day shows kids that there’s no need to be sad when you know another visit is coming! Read this lyrical story together to enjoy all the good things about having a parent visit you that make it a “Happy Day.” With colorful illustrations and a message that will have parents and children alike beaming with joy, My Happy Day is a great book that teaches children about separation in a new and refreshing way.

About the Author

Dee L. Wilson, short for Deanna L. Wilson, loves doing hair for clients and friends. She has been married to Pastor David W. Wilson for 24 years and has two children whom she loves dearly. She also has a love for children's stories and loves to read to children.

Dee grew up in the foster care system in Michigan. Instead of dwelling on her circumstances, she used the programs available to her to rise above what was expected of her, graduating high school and college with honors and receiving a license to do cosmetology. For a short time, Dee was able to be a foster mom herself and help other children in the system. Now, Dee lives in sunny Florida and enjoys writing and being a mom as well as a hairstylist.

Now Available on Amazon in paperback and eBook format.

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