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Melissa Gabriel

Following the release of her book this week, Melissa Gabriel has a lot to share with her readers about her journey in writing and life. Beyond the Miracle, Beyond the Grave: A Medium's True Experiences is an inspirational read you won't want to miss.

Melissa answered a few questions about her book that provide a look into the private life of an author.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a writer.

I had a push to share my stories. It took years to figure out that I could share my stories as short stories instead of trying to share my whole life in a book.

What was the main inspiration behind your book?

My miracle healing. I am living proof miracles can happen and I felt the need to share to help renew faith and hope in something bigger than ourselves.

What was your writing routine?

One story at a time. I would sit with my computer and write a story until it was finished. A few times it had gotten dark outside and I hadn’t realized because I was so involved in telling a story. I wrote a few stories each week. I completed the book in 6 weeks.

Describe your book in one sentence.

It is all short stories starting with my miracle healing and then profound experiences as a medium.

Do you have any upcoming events?

I have interviews coming up as well as some already recorded. My website has a list

Tell us something about you that your fans may not know or something that you want to share.

I want to share that we are never alone, we are guided and loved from spirit guides, angels and our ones who have crossed.

Why should people read your book?

It will help people understand what it is like to be a medium and how we are never alone and there is nothing to fear. It is great for those seeking answers or who are grieving.

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