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Launch Party Alternatives

After putting so much time and effort into your book, it’s finally finished. So now’s the time to celebrate! Your launch party is all about you, so why not personalize it? Let’s take a look at some venue options outside of bookstores to shake things up a bit.

Restaurants and Bars

Booking an entire restaurant or bar would be a great way to add to the excitement of your launch party. Instead of having to bring in a caterer and bartender, the venue would be able to provide food and drinks for your guests. When deciding on the location, keep in mind your target audience. You wouldn’t want to host a launch party for a children’s book at a bar, but a family friendly restaurant or café would be a great option!


If you’re hoping to draw in a larger crowd, a hotel would work perfectly for your book launch. Most hotels have conference rooms that can hold large numbers of people. Plus, any friends and family from out of town would be able to stay at the same hotel (likely for a reduced price) so they can be there to celebrate with you.


For books relating to history or culture, hosting your launch party at a museum is an option to make the day feel even more special. Maybe your book is about the invention of the lightbulb. Do some research in your local area and see if there is a science and technology museum that would be willing to let you use a space to host your party. By providing a related backdrop, the event will come to life!

Local Park or State Park

Maybe you’re not interested in having an indoor party and would rather take things outside. That sounds like a great idea to us…as long as the weather holds up! Why not contact your local government to see if you can hold your party in a favorite park in your area. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you could even have the party take place in a beautiful state, or national, park. The options are truly endless!

At Home

Our last suggestion for you may seem a little unusual at first, but right now we are living through a pandemic. Which means that travel and events and large gatherings aren’t really an option. So deciding to have your launch party at home could work out great! Using social media to promote and stream your party, you would be able to have a virtual party. By inviting people online rather than in person, you may even end up having a longer guest list.

There are so many different options available for authors when it comes to venues for their book launch parties. We have only brushed the surface of what is available out there. Be creative and get planning. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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