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Justice in the Swamp

When three young African American males are involved in an accident with rich and influential Mr. Davis, two are left dead, one is left seriously injured, and one walks away unharmed. Despite Mr. Davis being at fault, the boys are instantly blamed, and Mr. Davis’ insurance company begins a cover-up that spans across state and country lines. To the insurance company, winning was the only option.

However, one of the boys, Marvin Jones, has a mother who will stop at nothing to learn the truth, and she turns to Jack Shook, her attorney, to do just that. Shook’s team of investigators has to work quickly if they want to get justice for their client, as Mary Jo Staliniski, Mr. Davis’ insurance claim superintendent, is known for her shady, ruthless, and often successful investigations. Within hours of the crash, the race is on, with one side wanting justice and the other willing to go to any lengths to hide the truth.

Having all the action and drama of a thriller, Justice in the Swamp, exposes the lengths some insurance companies will go to win claims and protects their clients, revealing that insurance fraud can go both ways. Filled with payoffs, coded messages, and even kidnapping, readers will be swept through the whirlwind investigation that will keep them guessing what will happen next.

About the Author

Stephen R. Koons is a criminal division County Court judge in Viera, Brevard County, Florida. Stephen is a Florida State University College of Law graduate, a former assistant attorney general of Florida, and a former assistant state attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County, Florida. He is a 43-year member of the Florida Bar and for 27 years tried cases as a board-certified civil trial lawyer in South and Central Florida until his election to the bench in 2012.

Justice in the Swamp is available now as an e-Book for only $1.99.

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