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Is Your Teen Ready for College?

By Danielle Sinon

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Graduating high school and heading off to college is a time full of excitement and celebrations! But preparing your teen for this next big adventure can also be a stressful and exhausting time filled with numerous decisions and a lot of paperwork. With National College Decision Day just around the corner on May 1, we thought we would help you out! We have two books that will help you get a grip on the college application process, and will give you resources to help your kids save money along the way.

The Scholarship and Financial Aid Solution: How to Go to College for Next to Nothing with Short Cuts, Tricks, and Tips from Start to Finish (Second Edition)

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That’s where we can step in. In “The Scholarship and Financial Aid Solution,” author Debra Lipphardt shares her advice on how to take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that are available. Your high school grad may not have a 4.0 GPA or a resume that boasts an abundance of extra curricular activities and experiences, but that doesn’t mean they have miss out. The revised second edition of this book gives direction when it comes to creating a resume, writing essays, and filling out applications. You and your teen will also learn how they can benefit the most from their letters of recommendation and interviews, important aspects of the college application process. Having helped many students in the past, Lipphardt’s book is sure to help guide you and your teen in the right direction.

Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

How to Go to College on a Shoe String: The Insider’s Guide to Grants, Scholarships, Cheap Books, Fellowships, and Other Financial Aid Secrets (Second Edition)


With the help of case studies, O’Phelan illustrates different situations that could face future students while going through the college application process. Her step-by-step guide allows for less stress and more success!

Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

So whether your teen has already chosen where they’ll be going to college in the fall, or if they’re still a bit unsure, it’s going to be okay. With our guides you’ll find that you’ve got the resources to help lead them down the path of success.

Good luck and happy reading!

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