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How to Read More

At the beginning of each year, we often think of the past year and wonder how the new one could be even better. Some may set goals to exercise more, while others may decide they want to travel as much as possible. Here we are going to give you some tips to help you read more this year and crush your resolution!

1. Schedule Reading Time

One of the most effective ways to read more on a daily basis is to make time to read. This may sound too simple, but it really does work. Set aside 30 minutes or 1 hour each day to do nothing else other than stare at the pages of a book. Depending on your schedule you may have to wake up an hour earlier in the morning, read during your lunch break at work, or set aside time in the evenings.

2. Less Screen Time

After setting aside time each day to read, the next important step is to get rid of distractions. So many of us are connected to our phones, which doesn’t help our reading life. Phone calls, emails, messages, and social media all need to be ignored during your reading time. If you are easily distracted, try putting your phone on Airplane Mode while you are reading.

3. Listen to Audiobooks

Reading a physical book may not be for everyone. Audiobooks are a great option for those who have a long work commute or for those who enjoy multitasking throughout their day. To enjoy your book on a deeper level, try switching back and forth between the audiobook and physical book as you read.

4. Track Your Reading

Making lists can be calming and therapeutic, but also motivational! By tracking your reading, either in a notebook or on (, you are preparing yourself for what is yet to come. Make lists of the books you’ve read and the books you want to read in the future. Or, if you’re not a list person, keep a stack of books on your bedside table as a visual motivator.

5. Join a Book Club

Reading alone is a very personal and internal process that allows us to think through the emotions and events of a story. But what if simply reading it isn’t enough? What if you want to share your thoughts and ideas with others? Book clubs are the perfect places to engage with other readers about books of all kinds. Check out your local library or community center to see if there is a club that you could join. Or try using ( to search for book clubs in your area.

Just like any other goal that you wish to accomplish in your life, training yourself to read more will take time. At first, it may seem like a waste of time or like you should be doing something more productive. This is normal. Over time you’ll learn to enjoy this daily activity and it will feel like no work at all. So, go light a candle, make some tea, and settle into your comfy chair. Happy reading and good luck!

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