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How to Build a Great Summer

By Danielle Sinon

Buliding Your Summer

What makes a great summer? Dream vacation destinations? Family reunions and backyard barbecues? How about DIY projects? Better? Great! With these two books from our Back to Basics series, you’ll learn all about how to build beautiful water features and stone structures in your own backyard!

The Complete Guide to Building Backyard Ponds, Fountains, and Waterfalls for Homeowners: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

backyard ponds

You’ll be able to look at the history of water features and decide on a style that will best fit your home and lifestyle. And this is just scratching the surface! This book is filled with everything from finding the ideal spot to build to what kinds of plants will work best in your environment. With all of this help you could have a pond, fountain, and waterfall in your backyard by the end of the summer!

Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

The Complete Guide to Building with Rocks and Stone: Stonework Projects and Techniques Explained Simply Revised 2nd Edition


Getting the kids involved in these kinds of projects can be fun but also a little intimidating. But not to worry! This book provides a section with kid-friendly crafts that you can help them with while you’re taking a break from your bigger task. Making simple things like pet rocks or rock paperweights may not seem significant to you, but for kids this project may end up being a highlight of their summer!

Available on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats.

Whether you’re an accomplished builder or you’re just looking to try something new, we’ve got you covered. Learning a new skill is never a bad thing, and you may even enjoy yourself in the process. So get ready to build yourself a great summer!

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