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Girls Can Move Mountains

This by-the-bootstraps American success story is one for the ages! Dr. Solanges Vivens explains the 25 most important rules of life and business to the world in hopes to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. From her humble beginnings as a black girl in Haiti to a triumphant nursing home director and mother, Solanges has accumulated plenty of wisdom to share. Readers will be inspired by the spiritual fortitude and can-do attitude of a woman who refused to allow herself to be limited by other people’s expectations of her and achieved a boundary-breaking level of success solely through the force of her own will. This is an American success story at its heart, one that will appeal to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world around them by rewriting the rules of who rises to the top and whose rags become riches.

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"To read this exceptional story of becoming a successful woman is to set out on a journey that stretches the mind in surprising ways. In a genre that is prone, too often, to a writing of the self, which forgets to look inward, the author shows both vulnerability and self-accountability. Solanges is refreshingly honest in the way she approaches difficult subject matters, such as racism and sexism, blending literal and emotional truths in a sharp language that is haunting in its beauty and simplicity. Her writing confirms that Solanges stands nonpareil. Girls Can Move Mountains leaves the reader hopeful about life s struggles and yearning for self-definition. I read it with splendor." --MJ Fievre, author of A Sky the Color of Chaos "You do not have to read beyond the first chapter to start rooting for this young lady, Solanges. The lessons of this book are that poverty can be overcome, education can make all the difference, and education plus persistence add up to success. Girls Can Move Mountains will make you hopeful about the struggle for women's equity in the world." --Dr. Lee Monroe, former president of Voorhees College "The day I met Dr. Solanges Vivens, I quickly realized she is a woman of passion and tenacity about healthcare. As I got to know her better, I found that Solanges engages fully in life with this same passion and steadily overcomes any obstacle in her way. Reading of her early life and the impediments she faced, I realize that Solanges has been moving mountains her entire life. True to the meaning of her name, Solanges is an angel of the sun." --Veronica Damesyn Sharpe, MHSA president District of Columbia Health Care Association

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