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Finding Your Forever Valentine

By Danielle Lieneman

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, the worst time of the year for single people everywhere. No matter where you turn your attention, there’s an onslaught of romance and love everywhere, from rom-coms on repeat to grocery store aisles full of hearts and candy.

It can be hard to be single, especially once you’ve reached the dreaded “40”. You may get discouraged sometimes and feel like there’s no chance that you’ll ever have a valentine again. But don’t worry –– JN Capelli is here to help. In her book “Finding True Love After 40,” Capelli strives to provide not only hope but straightforward advice based on real experiences from women just like you. She wants to help you and women everywhere find a deep, personal, and loving connection towards themselves and others.

This step-by-step guide to finding true love will teach you how to:

  1. Break through the pain of the past;

  2. Have permanent love for yourself;

  3. Identify your romantic expectations;

  4. Exude irresistible confidence; and

  5. Eliminate your fear of relationships.

Don’t let another Valentine’s Day pass without a love of your own. With “Finding True Love After 40” in hand, you have the power to find that special someone.

For a limited time only, “Finding True Love After 40” is on sale for only $0.99 on Amazon. Buy your copy today and start the journey toward finding your forever valentine!

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