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Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less

While becoming a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, it’s also really hard work. The long nights and early mornings may not seem worth it when you’re downing your fifth cup of coffee, but here’s a secret: it will get better; it won’t always be this hard.

When Mark M. Welfley became a dad at the age of 47, he wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Since then, he has gained eight years of experience and has grown much more comfortable with his parenting role. In our newest release, “Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less: 101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb, and Untold Truths for Fathers by any Definition,” Welfley has compiled his most useful tips and tricks for fathers (and mothers!) on the go.

As a non-traditional father, Welfley understands that not everyone is going to have the same parenting journey. “Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less” is the perfect handbook for when you need some advice or you just need a good laugh. Whether you’re a traditional father, are acting as a father figure, or are somewhere in between, this guide is perfect for every type of father out there.

"Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less" is available on Amazon right now! The e-book is $0.99 for a limited time and the paperback is available for $12.95.

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