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Father’s Day Sale: Making the Most of Your VA Home Loan Benefits


By Isabelle Resnick

Many of us tend to avoid dealing with finances because numbers intimidate us and sorting out financial statements can feel like climbing a mountain with no peak in sight. What’s more, when it comes to a big purchase like buying a home, we will often make careless mistakes and poor decisions in favor of asking for help.

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 18.8 million veterans but only 4% of them have actually used their VA Home Loan Benefits.” David E. Nelson, Jr., author of Making the Most of Your Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loan Benefits, says these 18.8 million veterans are going without for lack of training, mis-education, and worst of all, fear. Nelson is both a veteran and a real estate agent, and last year, he felt it was important to share with others what he learned about the ins and outs of purchasing a home.

In his book, Nelson lays out a detailed step-by-step procedure for veterans to follow that explains the real estate market for beginners, lays out clever strategies for taking advantage of home loan benefits, and provides examples and anecdotes from his experience buying and selling homes.

Because Father’s Day is Sunday, Nelson wanted to give veteran fathers the opportunity to make buying a home easier by offering his e-book on Amazon for just 99¢. For less than a dollar, you can give your dad an inexpensive but invaluable gift until Sunday, June 17!

The paperback edition of Making the Most of Your Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loan Benefits is also available for $19.95. Both can be found here.

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