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Even If

A mother’s love for her children is unbreakable. Accidents may happen, but nothing can get in the way of her care and concern for her littles. Read along to see how a mother’s love conquers all.

Even if some mistakes and messes are made along the way, there will always be that one special person ready to put the broken pieces back in place.

About the Author

Regina Breshears has been a small animal veterinarian for 25 years and owns and operate Pony Express Veterinary Clinic with her husband, who is also a veterinarian. They have been blessed with two sets of identical twin girls only four years apart it led to a busy, blessed life. Nine years later, their youngest daughter Kaytee came along and their family was complete. They live in a small rural town of 3,000 in Kansas.

Regina has loved to read since she was very young, enjoying stories such as The Little House on the Prairie. As a mom of five girls, reading children's book became part of Regina's daily routine and something she loved sharing with her family. She hopes that Even If will become a well-loved book in the homes of many families.

Even If is available now as an e-Book for only $1.99. Order your copy today!

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