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Even If

A mother’s love for her children is unbreakable. Accidents may happen, but nothing can get in the way of her care and concern for her littles. Read along to see how a mother’s love conquers all.

Even if some mistakes and messes are made along the way, there will always be that one special person ready to put the broken pieces back in place.

Even If is available now in paperback and digital format!

About the Author

I have been a small animal veterinarian for 25 years and own and operate Pony Express Veterinary Clinic with my husband who is also a veterinarian. We live in a small rural town of 3000 in Kansas.

Having two sets of identical twin girls only four years apart led to a busy, blessed life. Kaytee came along 9 years later and our family was complete. Kassie and Kallie are now 24, Krista and Karly are 20, and Kaytee just turned 11.

Reading has been a hobby of mine since I was a little girl enjoying the Little House on the Prairie series. Reading children’s books was an everyday occurrence cuddled together in bed with my girls. Quality Family time has always been a priority and we often share movies and game nights where we can get very competitive. We love to travel and enjoy many family vacations together. God is the center of everything in our life.

I am a true optimist and am known for always smiling and seeing the bright side of things The idea to use our family catchphrase “Even if” for a Children’s book involving animals came to me years ago. In March while I was homeschooling Kaytee due to Covid I had time to make the dream a reality.

Even if..... two simple words that can mean so much. To our family, these words mean an unconditional never-ending love that cannot be changed by anything a person says or does. The phrase began shortly after my husband and I were married and had our first argument. As he apologized to me and said “I Love You” I also said “I Love You” but added the words “Even if”.

We laughed together and still continue this tradition 25 years later with each other and our daughters. Those 2 simple words give immediate reassurance that love is not temporary but eternal. My book uses the words “Even if” to show that a Mother’s love is always unconditional and there is nothing a child can do to break it. My hope is that these 2 simple words “Even if” will become a tradition in thousands of homes like ours.

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