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Effective Call-to-Actions

Social media has grown so much over the last few years, connecting people around the world who may have never met in other circumstances. From your next-door neighbor to the British royal family, social media has become a part of daily life today.

As we have discussed in previous posts, using social media as an author is a way to gain a presence online and help new readers discover your books. Following on from this, we will be talking about how to gain social media followers using more organic methods.

  • Focus your Efforts on One Platform First

For those who are new to the social media game, the idea of creating a slew of new pages can be very overwhelming. Start slow and choose one platform, to begin with (e.g., Facebook). Use this page to provide followers with information about yourself, your book, and any updates you may have along the way.

Once you feel comfortable with one platform, feel free to set up an Instagram or Twitter account. By starting slow, you’ll feel less stressed by the whole process and will have more energy to put into your posts.

  • Contests and Giveaways

A great way to increase your number of followers on social media is to promote contests and giveaways. It could be as simple as giving away a copy of your book, or maybe even a chance to meet you via Skype or Zoom. By hosting contests and giveaways, your followers will not only see these posts but will also likely share them with their family and friends, hoping someone they know will win this great prize.

  • Post Consistently

We all have friends who can’t seem to stop posting about every little thing that happens in their lives. Whether they’re eating a bowl of cereal or driving to the grocery store, we all seem to know about it in real-time. If you want to gain followers, it’s important to be more purposeful about what you post on social media.

One great way to stay organized with this is to make a schedule and decide which days of the week you will post. This way you’ll be able to take time out of your day to think about what you’re going to post instead of writing something spontaneously. By having intention with your writing, you’ll not only gain interest in your post but also with your overall work as an author.

  • Interact with Followers

People who are interested in your book are interested in you as an author. By allowing readers to interact with you on a more personal level, you’ll not only gain a greater following, but you’ll also make them feel more connected with you. Whether you upload videos and photos to your Instagram Story or organize a live Q&A on Facebook, people will be interested and want to be involved in your journey as an author.

Remember, no one wants to follow a writer who doesn’t know how to write. The purpose of your social media accounts is to gain followers who are interested in your book. By providing insightful writing and bookish anecdotes, you will be staying on brand and increasing your number of followers in no time! If you need any help with marketing yourself online, reach out to Atlantic Publishing with any queries or concerns.

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