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Edward Mike

This week we would like to introduce our latest author, Edward Mike. His new book, Salvaging Civilization: Uniting America with Christian Values is sure to make readers think about what they truly stand for.

Keep reading to learn more about the author and what inspired him to write this book.

Tell me about your journey to become a writer.

I have degrees in Philosophy, Theology, and Clinical Psychology and each of these disciplines is oriented to bearing witness to the truths about ourselves. I have always been active in various causes. Unless each of us has the opportunity to learn the truth, we cannot act in functional ways. Bearing witness to the truth and pursuing justice requires speaking out. Our perception is our only reality.

What was the main inspiration behind your book?

Our society has deteriorated since the wise and idealistic founders of our nation provided us this unique Constitutional Republic, the government of We the People. It had been the shining city on the hill and the inspiration for the world. Today we are obviously in a crisis, testing, in the words of Abraham Lincoln, “whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure.” I resonate with the words of the prophet Isaiah: “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” This crisis is calling me to retire and write this book.

What kind of research did you have to do for it?

The bulk of this book has been percolating in my mind since I studied philosophy, theology, and psychology many years ago, and then, as a clinical psychologist, helped a multitude of people find the answers for their lives. These revelations, distilled over the years, needed to be fitted into the context of our current crisis and shared with all truth-seeking Americans, so I spent the better part of a year working to express them in a way that is clear and amply supported.

What was your writing routine?

Confessing to be something of a perfectionist, this entailed staring at a computer screen many hours a day, seven days a week, seeking or verifying information on the internet, writing and re-writing; or otherwise, reading or rereading perhaps 50 books to be sure of my information.

Describe your book in one sentence.

This book explains how all Americans can unite—from atheists to Christians. It exposes the communist enemy and instructs how together we will salvage civilization.

Tell us about the best writing advice you’ve ever received.

I recommend one book on style, by William Zinsser, On Writing Well. A seasoned author, he still rewrote everything he wrote at least six times, and I utilized this advice.

Do you have any upcoming events?

My heart and soul is invested in getting this message out but I am always dedicated to causes. I am a Conservative-Libertarian so there are causes aplenty today.

Tell us something about you that your fans may not know or something that you want to share.

I’m not sure I have fans. We have a “mutual admiration society” so, I suppose, we are all one another’s fans. They know me quite well, as I know them. I am humbled by their friendship and hope always to be able to respond—to be response-able—for them.

Why should people read your book?

There are many good books currently in print depicting the crisis we are facing. For example, some call for “all Christians to unite.” But many churches are empty and the number of Americans who call themselves Christian is rapidly declining. The Christian influence is obviously absent in modern America. My book demonstrates how everyone of good will is actually practicing Christian values and can philosophically unite around them. It also provides instructions about restoring them and salvaging our civilization together. These are reasons to purchase this book. It is a call to action.

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