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Douglas H. Durham

This week is all about a man from the Florida Panhandle. Author Douglas Durham combines the successful careers of basketball coaching and small business ownership with 31 years of recovery to write a book of truth, January Tenth.

As a coach he was part of a high school Final Four, a National Championship Junior College team. He was also part of tournament and conference champions, and NCAA participants at the Division one level. As a business owner he turned a 9500 square foot facility into a 25,000 square foot Super Gym on the Emerald Coast of Panama City Beach, Florida.

The combination of these experiences provide tremendous insight to how industries set marketing traps in an effort to make their success from our failure. He connects the power of surrender, with the humility in admitting what we do not know, to form the foundation and core for everyday guidance in pursuit of our purpose. No more blame, no more victim, just a belief in a power greater than any president, political party, special interest or industry.

This is a guideline to help the decision making in the risk reward game of life! In the end, the choice to follow the absolute truth, grants us the power to live out our purpose. If there ever needs to be more inspiration remember, God chose us! Go for it!

This week, we got the chance to interview Douglas as a chance for his readers to get to know some more about him and a glimpse behind the scenes of his new release.

Tell me about your journey to becoming a writer.

Through the years I have been told I was a good writer so the journey started with confidence and no fear of writing. The journey was also mainly internal with a forced pressure....Could I finish the book? In the past I would often start a project and not see it through after the adrenaline wore off. The mental competition between confidence and no fear versus lack of author experience was eventually won by having passion for the subject matter. Never thought I would say this, and parts of my story will back this up, but I am now considered an author!

What was the main inspiration behind this book?

Two things jumped out as inspiration. First, the state of our country and how far we have gotten away from its gift and purpose. Second would be the consistent, daily attempts from high dollar industries to create a culture that accepts low expectations as a lifestyle. We are capable of so much more but the blazers, victims, excuse makers and other forms of underachieving all have a place in some corner of a content group. I wanted to write a book which included everyone so that less attention was paid to the finger pointing out and more attention to the three pointing back at us. The hope is to make it ok to have our own flaws exposed to work on, instead of deflecting them through addiction, because everyone else has flaws too!

What kind of research did you have to do for it?

Thirty-one years of addiction recovery was the core research used for the book. Researching different industries and their marketing strategies made it easier to define addiction as an all inclusive enemy. This helps allow readers to remove doubt and fear from the power of purpose.

What was your writing routine?

I could probably write a better answer about my routine after a second book. I didn't let a deadline create pressure to rush so the writing came in waves. There were weeks I wrote nothing and then there were nights I could write 5,000 words. I keep a notepad handy always to jot thoughts down before I forgot them. One of my biggest lies is telling myself I will remember that! If there was anything routine about this first book it was always focusing on the end game. Finish the drill!

What was the process behind the character creation?

The character creation is actually you, the reader. The process of my recovery is used to hopefully create or confirm the process of your desire. Making truth and fearlessness the plows of your path.

Describe your book in one sentence.

The realist most relevant book you will read with the absolute truth aimed specifically between your eyes!

Tell us about the best writing advice you’ve ever received.

Nobody cares about the storms you encounter. All they want to know is did you reach port? I had heard this used before in other scenarios but I applied it to finishing the book. Anything in between the beginning and end I'll figure out, but no one is going to read an unfinished book!

Do you have any upcoming events?

We have two tentative book signings in late August, but they will more than likely have to be rescheduled due to COVID.

Tell us something about you that your fans may not know or something that you want to share.

I have more dogs than I do friends and I'm way ok with that! There is a reason dog is God spelled backwards! 

Why should listeners read your book?

You will feel the extreme emotions of tears in your eyes to the hair raising on your arms and everything in between!

His new release " January Tenth: Finding Our Power of Purpose in the United State of Addiction" is now available in eBook format. Get your copy today!

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