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Creating a Universe on Stage with Todd Muffatti

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By Katie Cline

The vibrantly evocative, larger-than-life world of dramatic theater is shaped by innumerable hands working tirelessly in the spotlight and offstage in the wings. To bring this timeless art of storytelling to its highest effect, the set design must be crafted so spectacularly that members of the audience forget that they are seated in a dark auditorium and not aboard a ship on the Pacific, in the age of the Japanese samurai, or in a fantastical Shakespearean dreamscape. The roles are performed by the actors, but the emotive world of the story is brought to life by creative and successful set designs.

No one knows this better than Todd Muffatti. Drawing from his 40-year career as a professional set designer and university professor, Muffatti outlines the creative process and offers practical and imaginative ideas about how to accomplish extraordinary set designs. Creative and Successful Set Designs: How to Make Imaginative Stage Sets with Limited Resources covers many style options and artistic approaches. Using photos, illustrations, and detailed technical diagrams, Muffatti explains the essence of the craft while instilling readers with an appreciation for frugality and efficiency in what can easily become an expensive, time-consuming process.

Don’t miss out on what is sure to become the most essential guide in the performing arts industry to building effective, imaginative theater sets with limited resources! The ebook of Creative and Successful Set Designs is available on Amazon for only 99¢ until its paperback release on October 19, 2018!

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