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Countdown to Christmas: Personalize Your Gifts

It’s hard to believe it’s already August; this year has just flown by! Christmas may still seem like a long way off, but at Atlantic Publishing it is just around the corner. The publishing process takes time and planning to reveal a beautifully printed manuscript. So if you’re hoping to surprise your loved ones with your personal memoir, or want to give your friends a book filled with your most-prized recipes, we are here to help!

So you want to give a special gift to your friends and family, but don’t know where to begin? Start with what you know. Write about your adventure-filled childhood, sharing details that have never been uncovered before. Try compiling your family’s greatest recipes, creating a gift that looks back in time and welcomes future generations into your brood. You may even want to write a short picture book for your children or grandchildren. There are so many possibilities out there!

At Atlantic Publishing we have a special publishing process that isn’t offered by many publishing houses. We give authors the option to not have their work publicly distributed. This allows for you to decide the exact number of books you want printed for your personal distribution as gifts or keepsakes.

With less than six months to go until the holiday season, your publishing journey will need to start as soon as possible. We may be good at our jobs, but we also have multiple deadlines that we have to work with. The sooner you come to us with your idea, the sooner your final masterpiece will be in your hands. Let the countdown begin!

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