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Confessions and Musings of a Financial Planner

On Monday, October 19, 1987 the United States stock market experienced it’s largest one-day percentage drop ever. In the period leading up to the crash the author had

been managing millions of dollars for his clients, all of which was invested in the stock market. On the Tuesday before the crash he made a difficult and agonizing decision to transfer all his clients’ stock market holdings to cash. That decision turned out to be quite fateful and was in part responsible for the Heier Group catapulting from a small local organization to one of national presence. In light of his ever expanding clientele, the ensuing years gave Bob Heier more than ample opportunity to seize the very best opportunities available to his clients as well as to examine every dark corner of personal finance and to confront the very worst of the scams, pitfalls and problems his clients faced.

Confessions of a Financial Planner may be said to be a compendium of those pitfalls; the book is a series of revelations and warnings to today’s consumers as they try to work safely and intelligently to build a financial future for themselves. In light of the growing array of lightening changes and gimmicks now confronting the public daily, Confessions should be viewed as an especially apt and indispensable tool and resource for anyone seeking to avoid the all too common financial disasters as they construct a sensible approach to the growth of their financial security.

About the Author

Robert Heier began his career as a civil appellate litigator for the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. where he also entered private practice. Disturbed by the constant acrimony in litigation he switched careers to financial planning and headed the Heier Group which had a national clientele. During that time he was also a syndicated columnist writing locally on personal finance; he then became syndicated nationally, appearing in some 100 papers across the country. He, his beautiful wife Christine and their adorable feline lunatics are currently retired in southwest Florida where he is free to pursue his first love, photography. He also continues to play softball avidly and each Tuesday and Thursday can be found giving lessons on how to hit groundballs to shortstop and how to regularly hit into double plays. For some inexplicable reason the classes are not well attended.

Confessions and Musings of a Financial Planner: How the Layman Gets Laid is available to purchase on Amazon. Get the e-book while it's only $1.99!

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