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Come Along to Cedar Key

By Katie Cline

ABCedar Key.jpg

Along the northwest coast of Florida, nestled snugly in the Gulf of Mexico sits the quaint little island town of Cedar Key, Florida. Though unassuming, the seaside village offers a bounty of adventure and idyllic wonder when given the chance to flaunt its natural colors.

A genuine love for Cedar Key prompted resident Miriam Walrath to share the essence of the town with the world. With beautiful, full-color illustrations and charming, informative rhymes, ABCedar Key: An Island Alphabet extols the overlooked gem of Cedar Key, Florida.

ABCedar Key is a fun alphabet adventure through the small community that teaches children and adults alike about island life. The magic of Cedar Key comes alive as the reader travels around the town by way of the alphabet.

Readers will be delighted with the colorful illustrations of their favorite landscapes and island treasures. They will be inspired to venture out in search of new discoveries. What better way to remember your visit to this island paradise?

ABCedar Key

Come along and follow me

Around the town we will go

Seeing sights both high and low!

ABCedar Key

Come back again and play with me!


Author Miriam Walrath will be at the annual Cedar Key Seafood Festival this weekend, October 20-21, 2018, selling copies of ABCedar Key. You can also find it in paperback and Kindle on Amazon.

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