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Born to be Wild: Stolen Steel in Sin City

By Katie Cline

Sin City Retribution

Why wait for summer to find the hottest read of the year when Rick Hart’s book is out now?

In “Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel”, a member of outlaw motorcycle club tells a tale of the gritty, honor-bound life of a Sin City biker. Based on an incredible true story, “Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel” follows Rick Hart, known to his club as Turk, as he and his club navigate the turbulent streets of 1970s Vegas, facing off against outsiders, cops, and, at times, each other.

Stripping bare the confidential stories of an covert band of brothers, Turk recounts his exploits with the Noblemen Motorcycle Club and reveals all of the details of a rowdy life lived in riding formation.

High-speed chases, gruesome wrecks, accidental movie cameos, and truck-stop brawls are only some of Turk’s crusades with his club, but his real motivation as a Nobleman remains a closely guarded secret. Someone has wronged the hot-tempered Turk in the most unforgivable way –– they messed with his Harley. Now he is out for information… and retribution.

Filled with the extraordinary and true misadventures of a band of lovable rogues, this first installment of Turk’s quest for answers takes the reader along on a wild ride they won’t forget.


The “Sin City Retribution: Stolen Steel” ebook is available on Amazon Kindle now for only 99¢ before its paperback release on March 28th.

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