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Benefits of Book Signings

Signed By the Author

Back in the day, book signings were one of the only ways for readers to connect with the authors of their favorite books. Many authors today use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect with their fans, but they weren’t even ideas back then. It may seem like book signings are a thing of the past, but they are still well-loved by authors and readers alike. Let us show you why we think authors should make the most of book signings to promote their books.

Benefits of Book Signings

1. Get to know your readers

For the most part, being an author means writing books for an invisible audience. Books are published, book sales rise, but there are no faces to go along with the numbers. Book signings are the perfect place for authors and readers to interact face-to-face. Readers enjoy the celebrity feeling of interacting with someone who has written a beloved novel. Authors love knowing that there are people out there who appreciate the time and effort they put into each book they write. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

2. Increase your readership

Whether your signing is held at a bookstore or a library, there are always going to be people there who didn’t come to see you. They may simply be browsing the shelves or returning a library book when they come across your event. By holding your book signing at a central location, it allows newcomers to stumble across your work and see what you’re all about. If they’re interested enough, you may gain a few lifelong fans.

3. Get involved in your local community

As we mentioned above, book signings can be held in different locations such as a bookstore or your local library. But what if your book is about cooking or religion? You could hold your signing at a kitchenware store or a church instead. By choosing a less common location, you may, in fact, discover that your attendance increases.

Church members would rather attend an event at their own church instead of going somewhere else that’s less familiar. Even if they have never heard of you or your books, they may test the waters if they know others who are joining them. Not only will this likely make it easier for you to find a venue for your book signing, but it will also allow you to get involved in your local community.

It’s not hard to decipher what we think of book signings. Not only are they great for the readers, but they’re also a great experience for authors as well. We hope you’ll take our advice and hold a book signing of your own. Get your pens ready!

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