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“Being-Here” is an Inspiring and Inspired Read

By Danielle Lieneman

Life is hard enough, but survivors of a traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, face an entirely different set of challenges. Jake Band, a survivor himself, recounts his journey in the compelling new memoir, “Being-Here.”

About 10 years after Band’s accident, an emergency room doctor told him that, due to all of his post-accident accomplishments, he was one in a billion. The number of zeros increased upon every achievement. Since then, he has graduated college, gotten married, and much more.

In addition to the things Band learned in rehab and in the “real world,” “Being-Here” also includes information he acquired from college, other survivors, and plenty of graduate school research in rehabilitation journals.

“Being-Here” is about survivors’ lives after living through a TBI. Band explains the unique things he did to face his new world with the hope that it could help other survivors face similar, but unique deficits. Band’s purpose for writing “Being-Here” was to convince survivors not to give up, even if people, such as “rehabilitation professionals”, pre-accident “friends”, and even family members give up.

Don’t miss out on the chance to read Band’s inspiring story about surviving and thriving in a post-accident world.

The e-book is available on Amazon for $0.99 and the paperback version for $24.95.

And don’t forget to leave a review if you found Band’s story as moving as we did!

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