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Author Interviews

Looking into the lives of others is something the human race excels at. We love learning about celebrities and obscure personalities who have made their mark on the world. By doing interviews, it will give readers a chance to learn more about your life as an author and get excited about your new book.

Preparing for Your Interview

1. Be ready to answer questions

Interviews can take place in audio, video, or written formats. Depending on who you’ve connected with you may even be able to experience all three! The best interviews are always the ones where the interviewee is prepared.

Make a list of questions before the day of your interview and write down the answers that you would give. By doing this, it not only helps you get ready for the big day, it also ensures that you won’t leave anything out of your answers.

2. Market what makes you unique

Use your personal background and the topic of your book to your advantage. You may have started a charity or traveled around the world or written about something that will change the way people think. No matter what your book is about, you have something unique to share with your audience that will make you stand out.

3. Have fun!

Ultimately, this part of the book marketing process is when you can have fun. Don’t worry about making your interview perfect, you’ll only make yourself more nervous. Pretend you’re having a conversation with a close friend. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Interviews can seem intimidating at first, but it’s all about doing the work to prepare in advance. As long as you take this step seriously, everything should go smoothly. No one knows more about your book than you do, so take this time to show off what you’ve created.

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