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Adventure awaits in “The Stone”

On Sale

By Danielle Lieneman

Sometimes life’s greatest adventures can start out with an obscure discovery, as the characters in Jim Allen’s The Stone know all too well.

“The Stone” follows the path of a relatively unknown ancient artifact along its lost-and-found detours throughout history. Its final revealing outcome creates a life changing experience for two people, which could very well change, or at least better explain, the history of the world as we know it.

This couple’s adventure as they learn more about the stone is filled with mystery, romance, humor, and possible dire consequences. How will they save themselves and the ones they love and still get to the heart of the mystical powers of the stone? It will try the ethics of all those in its path.

Their exploits encounter touching moments, harrowing ordeals, cold-hearted adversaries, and a glimpse into a hidden secret of the past. Met with a decision of what should be done with this dynamic newfound information, together they must face unknown danger to discover the truth behind the stone.


For a limited time, you can get the e-book of The Stone on sale for only 99¢ on Amazon.

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