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A Touchdown for Sports History

by Danielle Sinon

Let’s take a time machine back to the 1960s when two young men were given the opportunity to receive a college education and play football for Florida State University. A dream come true!

As children of the Greatest Generation, this was their chance to succeed in life and to honor their parents who had not been able to attend college themselves. In “FSU’s Sons of the Sixties: A Case for the Defense,” co-authors John Crowe and Dale McCullers not only look back fondly on their time at FSU, but also recount the pain, sweat, and tears that went into being a college athlete in the 1960s.

As former Seminole teammates, Crowe and McCullers share their experiences of playing on the defense for their team and discuss the value of the defensive role in the game of football. FSU’s 1960s defense in particular played a major role in giving us the game of football that we know and love today.

“FSU’s Sons of the Sixties: A Case for the Defense” highlights 12 FSU Hall of Fame defensive players, giving us insight into their world. Having played alongside famous teammates like Lee Corso, Crowe and McCullers share their unique take on this time in Seminole history.

“FSU’s Sons of the Sixties: A Case for the Defense” is available in paperback on Amazon for $19.95. For a short time only, the e-book will be available for $0.99.

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