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A Step in the Right Direction Toward Silencing Bigotry

By Danielle Sinon

Whether we realize it or not, the world around us is constantly changing. People who used to live comfortably side-by-side are now becoming suspicious and hostile towards each other. This can be extremely harmful, both to ourselves and to those around us.

It is so easy for us to “pre-judge” others before we even hear a word come out of their mouth. We may not know the individual’s circumstances, but this doesn’t stop us from doing it. The default in our society has guided us to constantly compare ourselves with others and to make assumptions about them. But what if we tried to change this? What if we decided to walk in someone else’s shoes from time to time?

In her book, “Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry,” Dr. Melodye Hilton addresses important factors that affect society on a daily basis, including gender, age, race, and religion. Through real-life stories she is able to illustrate specific examples of how the way we live and interact with our fellow man (and woman) can hurt others.

Dr. Hilton encourages us to remove the hidden masks of prejudice that surround us to make way for a more unified and compassionate world.

“Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry” is available on Amazon as an e-book for $0.99 — get it at this price while you still can! The paperback will be released on March 14, 2019 and will be available for $19.95.

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