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A Physical and Mental Fitness Guide: Baby Boomer Edition

By Kristen Joseph

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In recent decades, the typical lifestyle of those living in developed countries has shifted drastically. Instead of attending community functions, people are more likely to remain comfortably isolated in their homes. Instead of cooking nutritious meals, many frequently choose to eat unhealthy and pre-prepared foods. Choosing to do these things every now and again is fine, but if they’re made into habit they can lead to general poor health, as well as ailments like depression, diabetes, and hypertension.

For baby boomers especially, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. Current medical practices have ensured that many baby boomers will live a good 20 years longer than the generation preceding them. These extra years should not be fraught with ill health and frequent doctor visits.

Fortunately, Tracy Ayton has written The Baby Boomers Bible for Healthy Body Healthy Mind to help this generation capitalize on and celebrate their extra years.

This book has everything a baby boomer needs to live their best life. Tracy ensures that her readers have a full understanding of nutrition and how it affects their physical health — from the foods that cause weight gain to the way a person’s diet affects their mindset. She goes into the way nutrients impact mental processes and informs readers of the best ways to prevent conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and general stress. She even includes a full list of recipes for any baby boomer looking to embark on their new, healthy journey.

If any baby boomer wishes to ensure that their later years are full of joy and health, they should start by reading Tracy Ayton’s Baby Boomers Bible, which can be easily purchased on Amazon. Get yours today and save on the ebook, available for only $1.99!

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