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A Day in the Life of an Office Manager

By Crystal Edwards


As office manager, I do just that –– I manage the office. At a publishing company, that means I have a ton of responsibility to ensure that our many, many projects are handled efficiently. If my job isn’t done properly, everything else falls through the cracks.

Like all the other employees at Atlantic, I wear a bunch of different hats! I dip in and out of each department at the publishing house –– overseeing the warehouse, organizing author and editor relations, working with project managers to coordinate finances and payments, and communicating with the other members of management and consultants about where each project is in the long, detailed process of publishing.

One of the biggest aspects of my job, though, is handling the accounts in and out of the company. I am the person responsible for billing and receiving payments from authors, vendors, and customers. I create invoices for distributors, manage payroll for our employees, and calculate author royalty payments. To work as an office manager at a publishing company, you have to be well-versed in Quickbooks and Excel –– and math in general.

I also work with the warehouse department to print shipping labels and packing slips and to oversee shipments in and out of the office. In the meantime, I field calls and emails from prospective authors looking to publish and customers looking to buy books. I act as liaison to many different out-of-office parties like distributors, printers, designers, and consultants, ensuring that everyone is on the same page (pardon the pun) with projects.

It’s a busy role, but it keeps me on my toes, and I like the fast-paced energy of a publishing company!

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