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Testimonials from Our Authors

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We've worked with many authors over the years. Several of them have written multiple books published by Atlantic Publishing. Here's what a few of our authors have to say about their experiences. 

Shannon Kilkenny 

The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning with Companion CD-ROM



"I have truly enjoyed my working relationship with Douglas Brown and all the staff at Atlantic Publishing Group from the very beginning. I started working with them in 2006. I had written a book and they wanted it! My book, at the time, was short and general. They suggested I triple the size of the book and add material for a CD. I spent the next three months expanding the book, working with a fabulous designer, and creating the final product. And, wow, it looked so professional and impressive, all 336 pages and a CD.  I plan to write several more books over the next couple of years and hopefully Doug and the Atlantic Publishing Group team will want to publish them. I don’t want to go anywhere else!"

Jennifer Landa, M.D.

"I worked with Atlantic Publishing to publish my book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women co-written with Virginia Hopkins. Atlantic was amazing every step of the way. Publisher Douglas Brown personally helped me understand the ins and outs of the publishing world so I could successfully get my book into the world. His team was incredible when it came to cover design and book layout.


They worked tirelessly to give me a book that I could be proud of. I appreciate the time, effort, and care everyone at Atlantic took to make sure that my book came out the way I wanted it to. I get compliments on the book from the lay public and colleagues alike.


The book became my calling card, aiding me in securing multiple appearances on the Dr. Oz Show."


The Sex Drive Solution for Women: Dr. Jen’s Power Plan to Fire Up Your Libido

"When I planned to write my book, My Life as an OBGYN, A Look Behind the Scenes, I worried about finding a publisher. So I was excited when an editor at Atlantic Publishing responded to my sample submission with enthusiasm. After discussion with publisher Douglas Brown, I was given the go-ahead for the complete manuscript.


At that time, the book was only partially completed. My editor worked closely with me by email to minimally revise what was already written and make suggestions for the remaining portion. As all my previous writing was in the passive voice used by medical journals and not suitable for a popular work, I found her advice invaluable. Her associates responsible for cover, layout, etc. did a wonderful job. My experience with Atlantic Publishing was as close to turn-key as I believe it could be. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking to publish their book."


Douglas Heritage, M.D

My Life as an OB-GYN, A Look Behind the Scenes

Sepideh Irvani, Psy.D. 

Authentic Self-Love:  A Path to Healing the Self and Relationships 

 "I chose Atlantic Publishing Group to publish my first book and I intend to choose them again for future book publishings. I had a pleasant experience with them, as a first-time author. They were professional, attentive, respectful, helpful with suggestions, and considerate in the process. I recommend Atlantic Publishing without hesitation."


"I have worked with Atlantic to publish my first book and have been very happy with the results! Everyone on the team has been extremely considerate of my concerns as an author and I have been treated with the utmost respect on every level of the process. I would recommend this publishing company to anyone, especially those who know little about publishing but desire to work with a company they can trust."​

Kimberly Bowman

Undercover Bag Lady: An Exposé of Christian Attitudes Toward the Homeless


Lisa Osgard 

Kahwallawallapoopoo: Maynard's Big, Bad First Assignment

"I can't begin to express the level of gratitude that I have towards Doug and Atlantic Publishing Group. As a new author thrust into a world that is completely foreign to me having Doug and his staff's guidance has been truly a blessing. In hindsight writing the book was the easy part, trying to navigate how best to promote the book is the nightmare!! Doug's program for new authors is comprehensive, well thought out, aggressive, and exactly what I need to achieve the level of success that I hope to with my new series."                                                             

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