Meet The Staff of Atlantic Publishing

Douglas R. Brown, Company President 

Bio:  Over 30 years ago, I wrote a book on restaurant management. I was offered publishing contracts by two of the largest publishers in the hospitality field but ended up turning them down; I was convinced I could do a better job of producing and marketing my book myself.

In 1982, my wife –– Sherri –– and I created a better way to publish and founded Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. The company started in our garage, with Sherri filling every order. With perseverance, hard work, and dedication to quality, we were able to grow and expand the business.

Today, Atlantic Publishing is a leading small book publisher. More than 600 books are currently in print and available in both digital and printed versions. We have an editorial office and staff in Ocala, Florida and a warehouse in Starke, Florida.

Favorite genre of book: I read mostly business books, but I have a large collection of fiction and started collecting books by Ernest Hemingway in my 20s. I have several first editions.

Favorite place to vacation: Anywhere there is sunshine and salt water.

Jack Bussell, Publishing Consultant 

Bio:  I began a career in publishing sales in 1990. Over the last 28 years I have built relations with retail customers, corporate clients, and book wholesalers, all while representing a great list of books. I continue my publishing work representing great brands while working with a fabulous team of colleagues and authors.

Technology and the delivery of intellectual content changed over the years and so has the publishing business model. Most evident is how product delivery and print methods continue to evolve. Although self-publishing seems like an easy option for authors, it’s not always the best way of delivering on readers expectations. Traditional publishing continues to deliver the best distribution and possibility for success. Atlantic Publishing’s Partnership Program blends the simplicity of self-publishing with advantages of traditional publishing.

Building on my experiences, I continue to forge ahead with the promise of working hard for my clients and authors. I am proud having built strong relations while maintaining my reputation for delivering an honest effort. My success was built on the privilege of working with, and learning from, some of the best colleagues in the publishing industry and having a supportive family. I hold a great appreciation for my customers and authors and consider it an honor to provide them sales and service. My mission is to represent the finest publishing products.

Favorite genre of book: I don’t have one. There are too many good ones to choose from!

Favorite place to vacation: Wherever my granddaughter lives!

Crystal Edwards, General Manager 

As a general manager, I do just that –– I manage the office. At a publishing company, that means I have a ton of responsibility to ensure that our many, many projects are handled efficiently. If my job isn’t done properly, everything else falls through the cracks.

Like all the other employees at Atlantic, I wear a bunch of different hats! I dip in and out of each department at the publishing house –– overseeing the warehouse, organizing author and editor relations, working with project managers to coordinate finances and payments, and communicating with the other members of management and consultants about where each project is in the long, detailed process of publishing.

One of the biggest aspects of my job, though, is handling the accounts in and out of the company. I am the person responsible for billing and receiving payments from authors, vendors, and customers. I create invoices for distributors, manage payroll for our employees, and calculate author royalty payments. To work as an office manager at a publishing company, you have to be well-versed in Quickbooks and Excel –– and math in general.

I also work with the warehouse department to print shipping labels and packing slips and to oversee shipments in and out of the office. In the meantime, I field calls and emails from prospective authors looking to publish and customers looking to buy books. I act as liaison to many different out-of-office parties like distributors, printers, designers, and consultants, ensuring that everyone is on the same page (pardon the pun) with projects.

It’s a busy role, but it keeps me on my toes, and I like the fast-paced energy of a publishing company!

Katie Cline, Project Manager

Bio: Hey there! I’m Katie. I began working as an in-house editor and project manager with Atlantic in March of 2018, but before that, worked as a freelance editor in Georgia.

Because I’m a book editor and love the publishing industry, you might be surprised to learn that when I was little, I hated to read. My parents and teachers tried everything they could think of to get me interested in reading, but nothing would click. It was incredibly frustrating because I was reading at a very high level, but just really didn’t enjoy it and resented being forced to read books about talking dogs or singing princesses. It wasn’t until 4th grade when I discovered Lemony Snicket’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events” that I fell head over heels in love with books. From then on, I was a massive book nerd. That series set me on my path to becoming a book editor so that I can get as many books as I can into the hands of other avid readers. It’s strange to think of where I might be now if I hadn’t found that one book that changed how I thought about reading. I became an editor because I want to help create that book that changes someone’s mind, and I’m so lucky that Atlantic lets me do that!

Favorite genre of book: Humor: Really of any kind. Celebrity biographies, adult fiction, YA, you name it. I’m currently really into a hilarious nonfiction zoological book about weird types of animals!

Favorite place to vacation: The UK –– I studied abroad in England and spent a ton of time in Ireland and Great Britain. Some of my happiest memories were made there.

Nicole Sturk, Graphic Designer

Bio: I am a designer and artist who has been working in book publishing for over a decade. I graduated with honors from Brigham Young University–Idaho in 2005 with a BA in Art. Since then, I have worked on books of all kinds for a variety of publishers. I began as an in-house typesetter as part of a small office in Vermont and started freelancing from home when I moved to Utah, so I could take care of her two young daughters. I began working with Atlantic Publishing almost two years ago, and they continue to be one of my favorite clients to work with!

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, knitting, baking, and blogging. In addition to book design, I also do illustration, specializing in surface patterns, hand lettering, and children’s illustration. You can learn more about me and view my work on my website at

Favorite genre of book: YA (Harry Potter!) and How-to (i.e., craft and cookbooks)

Favorite place to vacation: I love to visit New Hampshire and Vermont, where my family is from.