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This new 2020-2021 catalog features dozens of new books and e-books. All of our books and catalogs are printed in the USA and are recyclable. For over 30 years, Atlantic Publishing has provided millions of readers information to jump-start their careers, start businesses, invest, build relationships, learn new skills, and live rewarding, fulfilling lives. What better way to learn these skills than while you're in school? Our new Young Adult series starts on page 2. These new books discuss adult subjects but are written for the 6th to the 12th-grade audience. Our new "People and Events That Changed the Course of History" series has several new releases that capture a specific anniversary of an important historical person or event. While the subject matter in this series is very serious in nature -the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution or the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack - our young, deft writers make the subject matter approachable and easy to digest.

These books are all equipped with pertinent common core codes, Lexile Measured results, Dewey Decimal Classifications, Interest Level suggestions, and BISAC codes. One of our bestselling, award-winning books, "The Complete Guide to Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students," shown on page 14, has been completely revised and updated and includes a workbook on the companion CD. "The Scholarship and Financial Aid Solution" by expert Debra Lipphardt, Career Lab Specialist, and Scholarship Coordinator, (also shown on page 14) has also been completely revised and updated. Lipphardt is responsible for helping secure, on average, $5 million in scholarships and financial aid for her students each year.

Our books and e-books are available directly from us, hosted by Big Timber Media, Our award-winning authors, editorial team, and design staff strive to make our books and e-books the most comprehensive and up-to-date educational books on the market.

We go above and beyond - further than most publishers - to provide our readers with the best products. We explain every subject matter in an easy-to-read way, and many of our books are bundled with companion CDs. We spend countless hours interviewing experts on each subject. Our products explain the ins and outs and provide insider secrets and proven methodologies on a wide variety of nonfiction subjects, such as finance, writing, business, and real estate. Our books contain case studies from people who share their techniques to achieve unprecedented success. You will find hundreds of tested hints, tricks, and secrets for using the subject matter to achieve real-world success.

In all our books, where pertinent, we supply a glossary, an index, a timeline, a bibliography, and a dedicated page of additional resources. We thoroughly and individually check each source, and every fact is cited and double-checked for accuracy. Every one of our books has complete CIP data, and all of our books are presented to the School Library Journal, Homeschooling Almanac, and other review sources for review. Thank you for your interest in our books and e-books! 


                      Douglas R. Brown, President Sherri L. Brown, Vice President

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