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    The Complete Guide to Writing Effective & Award-Winning Grants: Step-by-Step Instructions - With Companion CD-ROM

    ISBN #: 9781601380463


    Every day federal, state, and local government as well as other organizations including corporations and foundations give out more than a MILLION DOLLARS IN FREE GRANT MONEY. A grant is essentially a gift. It goes to an organization, municipality, business, or individual to enable them to continue conducting their activities or research.

    You or your organization may be eligible for millions of dollars in free grant money.  Grant money does not have to be returned or paid back. Unfortunately, many grants are not awarded because of improper filing procedures, and or poorly written proposals, and so literally millions of dollars go unclaimed every year.

    Writing a good grant proposal is not easy. Grants are competitive and have strict rules for application. This new book is a complete systematic course with easy to follow instructions in writing an award-winning grant. You will learn from start to finish how to write a grant proposal. The book comes with examples of fully completed proposals on the easy-to-use companion CD-ROM that also contains templates in Microsoft Word for easy customizing and printing. You will have:

    Step-by-step methods for creating a fundable proposal - from start to finish.   Access to information and annotated links for hundreds of foundations, state, and federal resources, sample proposals, sample letters, worksheets, and checklists to assist in the proposal-development process. Basic steps of preparing a grant proposal.


    365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Nonprofit Volunteers Every Day: With Little or No Money

    ISBN #: 9781601381491


    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 26.7 percent of the population volunteered in 2006. Unfortunately, while the population is increasing, the percentage of Americans who volunteer is decreasing each year.

    What this means is that you must hang onto and keep your volunteers happy and coming back, perhaps bringing new volunteer recruits with them. This new book is packed with hundreds of simple and inexpensive ways to motivate, challenge, and reward your volunteers. Volunteers today need constant reinforcement and recognition, and here is how to do it. With real life, proven examples and case studies from actual nonprofit organizations, you can use this book daily to boost morale and productivity and find fundraising activities. This is your opportunity to build an organization that people love to volunteer, and you can do so by using these quick, effective, humorous, innovative, and simply fun solutions. Make your organization a happy place to volunteer, and reap the benefits.


How to Get Your Share of the 30-Plus Billion Dollars Being Offered by U.S. Foundations: A Complete Guide for Locating, Preparing, and Presenting Your Proposals

ISBN #: 9781601382580


Currently, there are more than 65,000 foundations in the United States. One of the largest is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has approximately $33 billion in assets and paid out an estimated $1.56 billion in grants in 2006. The Rockefeller Foundation recently gave $3.5 million to help fund the rebuilding of New Orleans and committed an additional $70 to an initiative aiming to build the resistance of communities vulnerable to climate change. Other foundations with funds to disperse include the Ben & Jerry's Foundation, the Tiger Woods Foundation, and The Ford Foundation.

Foundations are one of the best sources of funding for an organization's projects. In fact, foundations grant over $32.2 billion in tax-exempt funds each year. How to Get Your Share of the 30-Plus Billion Dollars Being Offered by U.S. Foundations will show you how to get some of these funds to help your organization achieve its goals.

In this book, you will learn about the different types of foundations, including private independent, corporate, family, and community, and how to identify a foundation to fund your project. You will learn how to qualify for grants; how to write a proposal; how to locate foundations in your subject area, geographic area, and that provide the support you need; and how to fill out a grant application.

How to Get Your Share of the 30-Plus Billion Dollars Being Offered by U.S. Foundations will also teach you how to create an effective proposal by walking you through each section, including the cover letter, the table of contents, the executive summary, the statement of need, the goals and objectives, the specific and measureable outcomes, the evaluation, the budget, and the sustainability. You will even learn how to write letters of inquiry that will grab the foundation's attention.

This book is filled with valuable information for organizations seeking funding from foundations. In addition to the list of directories and resources we have compiled, there are also insightful interviews with foundation officers and grant recipients, as well as sample proposals, letters, worksheets, and checklists. By using these tools and following the advice in this comprehensive guide, you will be able to find funding and achieve your organization's goals.


Nonprofit Management: Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Organization Explained Simply-With Companion CD-ROM

ISBN #: 9781601382467


According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, more than 1.4 million nonprofit organizations are in existence in the United States alone. These organizations vary in their fields of interest, ranging from charity and religion to health, science, literature, wildlife protection, and the arts. While the areas of focus may differ, one thing applies to each and every organization: The challenges of running a nonprofit are far reaching and incredibly unique. Nonprofit Management: Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Organization Explained Simply will help you understand these challenges and offer you ways to overcome them.

In this new book you will learn how to create a plan, how to fund a mission, how to recruit and keep volunteers, how to create and stick to a budget, how to form effective community coalitions, how to set and achieve goals, how to perform SWOT analyses, and how to assess client needs. You will also learn about performance measurement tools, taxes, policies, management theories, accounting, public and government relations, insurance, meetings, fundraising, educational programs, sponsorship programs, record keeping and reporting requirements, legal requirements, consultants, lobbying, and ethics.

Also included are strategies for dealing with the board of directors, committees, conflicts of interest, and hiring, firing, and other personnel management issues. This book will show you how to overcome common obstacles, such as founder's syndrome, poor meeting attendance, poor fundraising, and rapid staff turnover. You will also be provided with real world examples and case studies that demonstrate both effective and ineffective management strategies. The companion CD-ROM contains proven worksheets, checklists, and tables to aid in your nonprofit management strategy.

Whether you are a charitable, advocacy, membership, social, recreational, or satellite organization, Nonprofit Management: Everything You Need to Know About Managing Your Organization Explained Simply will ultimately help you become more successful in fulfilling your mission.


The Complete Guide to Writing Successful Fundraising Letters for Your Nonprofit Organization: With Companion CD-ROM

ISBN #: 9781601382474


With more than 1.4 million nonprofit organizations in operation in the United States and an estimated 100 million fundraising letters mailed out each year, you may find yourself wondering how you can separate yourself from the hordes of nonprofits clamoring for donations. If you employ the techniques provided in The Complete Guide to Writing Successful Fundraising Letters for Nonprofit Organizations, you will ensure that your letter stands out and achieves its goal.

In this new, exhaustively researched book, you will learn everything you need to know about formatting a letter, using the word "you," structuring a letter, emotional triggers, what works, what does not work, asking for year-end contributions, asking for the right amount, and common pitfalls to avoid. You will learn about follow-up letters, thank you letters, front-end premium letters, back-end premium letters, survey letters, special event letters, petition and protest letters, special appeal letters, renewal series letters, major donor letters, sustainer letters, and lapsed donor letters, as well as letters for recruiting new donors.

Additionally, you will learn how to generate the best response, how to phrase your appeals, how to address your letter, how to write strong leads, how to open and close your letters, how to structure your letter, how to use compelling stories to your advantage, how to be personal, how to write with a sense of urgency, and hundreds of other writing tips. The Complete Guide to Writing Successful Fundraising Letters for Nonprofit Organizations provides you with a wealth of sample letters, examples, writing exercises, and forms - all of which are included on the companion CD-ROM - as well as detailed advice and instructive case studies.

By reading this book, you will come to understand your donor and his attitudes. You will ultimately create a successful fundraising campaign and achieve your organization's goals. Whether you are a nonprofit focused on the arts, charities, wildlife protection, religion, health, science, literature, or any other field, you will find valuable information in this book.


The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

ISBN #: 9781601381484


Are you tired of searching everywhere to find fresh and exciting ideas for your nonprofit organization? Finally, there is a new resource for nonprofit organizations and friends of nonprofits to get your events turbocharged with new ideas for your next fundraiser. Aside from raising a lot of money and being fun to work on, fundraising special events can generate a lot of free publicity and build relationships with potential donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Building visibility in the community is critical to any nonprofit's success, but it is difficult to come up with new ideas each and every year. Now, this new book makes it easy. Inside this brand new, groundbreaking book you will find 199 fundraising events that have worked for other organizations. They will meet your financial and social goals and objectives. Reach your fundraising goals in exciting and original ways. Whether it is for your school, sports team, church, or any other group or nonprofit organization, you will find the answer to your next event here.

2011 President's Book Awards SILVER Medal Winner (Business Book Category - Florida Publishers Association): 199 Fun and Effective Fundraising Events for Nonprofit Organizations