• The Complete Guide to Securing Your Own U.S. Patent

    The Complete Guide to Securing Your Own US Patent: A Step-by-Step Road Map to Protect Your Ideas and Inventions - With Companion CD-ROM

    ISBN #: 9780910627054


    What do all of these famous inventions have in common: air conditioning, airbags, bandages, barbed wire, blow dryers, can openers, cement, chewing gum, computers, credit cards, doughnuts, jeans, microwave ovens, paper towels, Play-Doh, Post-it Notes, potato chips, roller coasters, safety pins, Scotch tape, skateboards, staplers, straws, sunscreen, typewriters, Viagra, zippers? They were all invented in the US by American inventors, and they all went on to make fortunes for the inventors and those companies licensing the ideas. Don't be left out, and don't spend thousands in unnecessary legal fees, you can file your own patent with the step-by-step guidance in this new book.

    According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the number of patents filed in the US increased from 186,507 in 1992 to 406,302 in 2005. Approximately one out of five patents are filed by the prospective owner/inventor. You’ll find that only minimal assistance if any is needed from an attorney or agent in securing your patent.

    This book offers a simple, straightforward introduction to patent law written in layman's terms. This book is written for inventors not attorneys, and for those that want to save thousands on legal fees protecting their ideas and inventions.

    A patent protects an invention and gives an exclusive right to the benefits of an invention. A patent is in essence a contract between the United States government and holder of an invention. This new book will explain how to secure a patent on your own without expensive attorney fees. If you think you have a great invention then you need this extremely detailed and comprehensive guide to the process of getting a patent.

    The book covers everything needed and easily explained from the initial patent search to filing a successful and hopefully financially lucrative application. Even if you ultimately decide to use the services of a patent attorney which in some cases is recommended, this book will get the process started and still save you considerable legal fees. The book is, in fact, good reading even for the inventor who plans to hire patent counsel; it helps the inventor to be a more knowledgeable client. The companion CD-ROM contains all the necessary forms and checklists you will need to file your patent.

    USA Best Books Awards Business: Law/Reference Finalist: The Complete Guide to Securing Your Own U.S. Patent: A Step-by-Step Road Map to Protect Your Ideas and Inventions -With Companion CD-ROM by Jamaine Burrell

    DIY Book Festival Awards How-To Honorable Mention: The Complete Guide to Securing Your Own U.S. Patent: A Step-by-Step Road Map to Protect Your Ideas and Inventions - With Companion CD-ROM by Jamaine Burrell


    The Complete Guide to Organizing Your Records for Estate Planning

    ISBN #: 9781601382351


    Planning your estate is a long, complicated process that requires much time and effort. The process of organizing your records for estate planning is equally time consuming and complex. Hiring an attorney to assist you may cost you more than you are willing to spend. With the help of The Complete Guide to Organizing Your Records for Estate Planning you can not only take charge of your estate planning documentation but also save time, money, and effort.

    In this new book, you will learn how to find an organizational system that works for you, where to look for records, what to record, who to tell, where to keep records, and how often to update your records. You will also find information on creating a will or a living will, setting up a trust, assigning power of attorney, and filling out health care directives.

    Additionally, you will learn about the documents that should be included in your estate plan, such as insurance policies, Social Security cards, birth certificates of minor children, stock brokerage statements, credit card numbers and statements, certificates of deposit, real estate deeds, mortgage statements, retirement account savings, non-retirement account savings, and current bank statements. The CD-ROM is filled with sample documents and worksheets, as well as a checklist of often overlooked information, including any medications you take, where you worked, where your savings and checking accounts are located, where your car title is located, what your funeral plans or wishes are, and who should receive what.

    The Complete Guide to Organizing Your Records for Estate Planning will help you prepare your documents and record your final instructions and wishes. By using the information provided in this book you will save money you might otherwise have spent on legal and accounting fees. In addition, you will save your family the frustration of searching for these documents if something should ever happen to you. This book, written in easy to understand language, will walk you through the process of organizing your records and make the process much easier for you and your family.


The Complete Guide to Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks: What You Need to Know Explained Simply

ISBN #: 9781601382313


Hundreds of thousands of people apply for patents, copyrights, and trademarks in the United States every year. For example, the United States Patent and Trademark office reports that 452,633 patent applications were filed in 2006. You can easily become one of these people if you have created the greatest American invention, if you are the next Stephen King and have written a book to prove it, or if you have designed an eye-catching logo for your company. The Complete Guide to Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks will provide you with all the information you need to know about acquiring, registering, maintaining, and protecting your intellectual property.

A patent is a grant of property rights to the inventor and essentially excludes others from making, using, and selling your invention, whereas a trademark is a word, symbol, or device used to indicate the source of goods and to distinguish your goods from those of others. A copyright, on the other hand, protects original works and the form of the expression rather than the subject matter. This new, exhaustively researched book will help you decide which of the three you need to apply for, as well as which things can be patented, trademarked, and copyrighted and which cannot.

In this book, you will learn how to file an application, how to register, how to avoid infringement, and how to avoid common problems. Additionally, you will become knowledgeable about where to file; the fees involved; laws and regulations associated with the process; the differences between copyrights, trademarks, and patents; the differences between utility, design, and plant patents; who may apply; attorneys and agents; and the forms you need to fill out.

Whether you are applying for a patent, copyright, or trademark, this book will provide you with all the necessary information necessary to do so. The Complete Guide to Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks is the only book you need to read if you want to protect your intellectual property.


Legal Off Shore Tax Havens: How to Take LEGAL Advantage of the IRS Code and Pay Less in Taxes

ISBN #: 9781601382573


An ever increasing number of Americans are convinced that our country is no longer the land of safety or opportunity when it comes to their money and investments. These people recommend transferring your money to offshore tax havens in such countries as Dubai, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Panama. In fact, it has recently been estimated that nearly 60 percent of the world's money is located in offshore accounts. Legal Off Shore Tax Havens will show you how to protect your money and remain legal while doing so.

Off shore tax havens are sovereign nations that have laws in place that protect people's financial privacy, assets, and cash. In this new, exhaustively researched book, you will find out how to take advantage of this system. You will learn how the system works, how to develop business opportunities, how to avoid excessive taxation and regulation, how to bank and invest off shore, how to find the tax haven that is right for you, and how to avoid scams.

In addition, you will learn about the safest, most private nations, the best off shore banks and tax havens, what is and what is not legal, the best haven for your specific purposes, mistakes to avoid, legal issues, and basic off shore entities. You will also learn how sophisticated tax avoiders use countries such as Ireland, Austria, and the Netherlands to avoid suspicion; how to use residential tax havens, including Argentina and Costa Rica; and how to use Greece, the Phillipines, and Jordan as completely tax-free havens.

Legal Off Shore Tax Havens will provide you with the strategies, knowledge, and contacts you need to avoid expensive mistakes and make the most of your offshore pursuits. This book is for those who are weary of paying high taxes and who are suspicious of the government. Whether you are seeking to move your business's money or your own personal finance, this book will provide you with all the necessary information to make a smooth, legal transition.


How to Win Your Case In Small Claims Court Without a Lawyer

ISBN #: 9781601383068


Small claims court is a place where many people look to equalize the playing field against individuals, businesses, or partnerships that have wronged them in the past. According to information gathered by Laywers.com, your limitations range anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 in small claims courts and hundreds of thousands of Americans end up there each year with a case. Many people cannot afford the cost of a lawyer to ensure their case is solid and well presented before the court and are left out in the cold as a result. Small claims courts are not nearly as simple as those television judges make it seem, fixing problems in 30 minutes on daytime television. If you are not fully prepared with the right paperwork, proof, and witnesses, you may end up worse off than before.

With this comprehensive guide to winning your small claims case without a lawyer, you will get just that - a complete run through of everything you need to know before you submit your case to the court and the subsequent information you need to win that case. Starting with a checklist of everything you need before you even look to file a claim, you will learn how the courts work and all of the legal jargon that will be thrown about during the court case process.

You will learn how to state a claim in formal documents and ultimately whether your case is in fact any good before you file it. Different approaches to more than fifteen different kinds of small claims cases are provided, including breaches of contract, property damage, personal injury, defective products, breaches of warranty, nuisance claims, and many more. The limitations on monetary compensation in small claims court are outlined for you along with specific methods for how to calculate your own limits. You will learn how long you have to sue after an offense has occurred and how you can approach a settlement with the plaintiff outside of court. Different legal procedures for bringing legal action against individuals, couples, businesses, and corporations are provided and a detailed chapter about the various filing fees, court papers you need, and schedules you can look forward to is provided.

After hours of interviews with small claims court lawyers and successful defendants, an outline of the court case process has been devised and provided, including how to get ready for court, prepare your witnesses, and what you can expect on the day you are to be in court. You will learn the difference between various judgments the judge may provide and what options you have after the judgment is reached. For anyone looking into the option of taking legal action against a person or business, this book is an absolutely necessary resource that will ensure you are both prepared and fully educated about the process.


The A-Z Guide to Federal Employment Laws For the Small Business Owner

ISBN #: 9781601383082


The number of small businesses in the United States is astounding. According to the most recent U.S Census data, there are more than 8.8 million businesses with less than 20 employees, with more than 21.3 million employees spread out among those businesses. The shear volume of individuals who do not work for a massive corporation is growing exponentially every year and the result is a lot of confusion on the part of small business owners who are struggling to understand the complicated federal employment laws that dictate how they must handle those employees. With this comprehensive AZ guide to the federal employment laws that dictate the practices you must follow, you will learn every possible detail you will ever need to know to stay ahead of the government's requirements and run a successful business.

There are more than 20 Federal acts that are designed to keep the workers of this country protected against various forms of discrimination, poor treatment, and negligence on the part of the employer. You will learn the intricate details of each of these federal acts and how they apply to you and your business. You will learn everything that applies to you in regards to age discrimination, disability discrimination, equal pay requirements, affirmative action, civil rights enactments, worker retraining, and dozens more acts such as OSHA, ERISA, EPPA, COBRA, SOX, PDA, and NLRA acts that enforce the standards of employment for millions of companies around the nation.

You will learn which laws your company specifically must follow and how state laws might further designate what you need to know when hiring and employing a new worker. A run down of each kind of business and how certain laws, such as OSHA and other worker safety laws will apply more restrictively to you. You will be shown exactly how each of these laws is enforced and what you can expect if you fail to do so - including the requisite fines, possible sanctions, or even loss of licensing in certain cases.

Many industry professionals have been interviewed to share their insights on the employment laws in this country, providing a more complete view of how you can adhere to and follow these laws effectively. The tools you need, including the forms and agency addresses and contacts, to comply with these laws are provided in their entirety, along with the federal and state agencies that you will be dealing with intricately in the weeks to come. A comprehensive listing of resources that are designed to help you make the right decisions and complete the necessary steps for each hire you make is also provided, annotated to show you which laws coincide with which resources. If you are considering starting your own business or are starting to expand and hire more employees, this book will provide every detail you need to effectively manage and maintain your growing workforce.



How to Win Your Case In Traffic Court Without a Lawyer

ISBN #: 9781601383051


According to the National Motorists Association, as many as 50 million Americans are issued traffic tickets for moving violations. Many of those tickets will be paid and forgotten about, but many more will be added to a growing list of traffic court cases - with an estimated $7 billion in annual tickets and a good percentage of them being taken to court. For many people though, the cost of hiring a lawyer and fighting a case over a $300 ticket is too hard and they just accept it, paying the fine begrudgingly. With this book, you no longer have to cave into government pressure and pay your fines. If you feel you have been wronged, this book will walk you through every step of the process to uncovering exactly what you can do to win your traffic court case without a lawyer.

You will learn the total number of people who receive tickets every year and just how many are successful in their fight against them, including how they were successful. Learning to understand the law is essential in knowing whether you can effectively fight your ticket and this book will provide multiple chapters designed to break down and outline the details of the law for each major type of moving violation. You will learn what the three different kinds of speed limits are and when you can fight the ticket. You will learn which defenses absolutely will not work in court and whether you will be wasting your time by using them. Different ways in which your speed was measured and understanding how the officer handled the ticketing are vital to making your case and a comprehensive chapter on analyzing this evidence will be presented.

You will learn how to start building your case by using discovery and obtaining all of the necessary evidence. The trial specifics are outlined in a step by step manner, including the process of finding witnesses, preparing testimony, and presenting diagrams and visual cues that will help you make your case. Learn how to talk to the officer that issued the ticket and prepare yourself for the onslaught of questions your prosecutor will present.

With the help of professional opinions from dozens of lawyers and legal specialists, you will learn exactly how each traffic court case is handled and what you can expect when you take your particular case to court. There is an essential difference between jury and judge only trials and you will learn how to handle each of them, as well as how to tweak your case to match any of the 50 states in which you live. If you have received a traffic violation and you know it is unfair, the only choice you have is to fight it in court, and this book will help you do just that without the need of a lawyer or an expensive defense.


How to Hide: A Practical Guide to Vanishing and Taking Your Assets with You

ISBN #: 9781601383099


There are many reasons why you might decide to leave your life. You could be one of the nearly 800,000 million Americans every year who have been forced to file for bankruptcy or one of the 900,000 individuals who files for divorce annually. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to hide your assets and disappear without a trace, this book is a complete walkthrough of the process you should use to do so.

The first thing you will learn is how you can start planning your move out of the United States. What will you need to do and know before you prepare to leave to ensure that your move goes off smoothly? The choice between staying in the U.S. and leaving the country will be provided, as well as a rundown of very important questions you must ask yourself before you leave your old life behind, including cautions, and the legal implications of your departure that can never be undone. You will learn where the best places in the world are to hide yourself and your assets. The process of diversifying your money out of U.S. credit bureau and Financial Crime Enforcement Network oversight will be provided, allowing you to start hiding your assets in nondescript, untraceable locations.

You will learn what you need to do to start generating your new identity and what ties need to be completely severed in order to make sure your old identity does not come back to haunt you. You will learn how to travel in and out of your new country and the U.S. with ease and how you can access, move, and keep your money safely without giving away where it is hidden. The most important aspect of this book will be the chapter on how you will be searched for and what you should expect. The various purposes for your departure will affect how thoroughly you are sought out and what you must do to stay hidden. Additionally, you will be shown how to maintain your lifestyle according to where you move and what your assets are worth in your new home. A special chapter geared exclusively toward the victims of abuse, including spousal, domestic, or other types, is included, along with information on what to do if you have children or other ties to your former life.

Finally, you will be shown how the Internet will become an invaluable tool to you in staying hidden, but also a portal through which people can find and stay in contact with you. For anyone seeking to finally break free of their old life and be gone, without a trace, this book provides a complete, step-by-step guide to help you hide your assets, get away, and stay hidden for good.


Your U.S. Citizenship Guide: What You Need to Know to Pass Your U.S. Citizenship Test - With Companion CD-ROM

ISBN #: 9781601381354


Citizenship in the United States is the legal status given to a legal member of the country. It involves rights, duties, and privileges and is one of the most coveted gifts that the U.S. government can bestow on a person and the most important immigration benefit that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can grant. The road map outlined in this new book will help foreign nationals apply for citizenship and will lead those seeking citizenship to the fastest and easiest way to do so.

With the guidance of this new and up-to-date book you will learn about the application instructions, procedures, required forms, eligibility information, application requirements, waivers, exceptions, special cases, the naturalization process, application forms, immigration forms, certificates of naturalization, and dual citizenship.

In addition, you will become knowledgeable about the principles of the U.S. Constitution, favorable disposition toward the United States, the benefits of being a citizen, and the responsibilities of being a citizen. You will be provided with information on the interview, sample test questions and answers, a list of all USCIS offices nationwide, a list of U.S. embassies and consulates, and everything else you will need to know to become a United States citizen in no time at all, including how to pass the citizenship test.

Companion CD in also Includes:
Civics Flash Cards for the New Naturalization Test. A useful study tool for teachers and students.

Civics Flash Cards for the New Naturalization Test (reversed colors)

Learn About the United States: Quick Civics Lessons for the New Naturalization Test

Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions

Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions (Spanish Version)

Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions (Chinese Version)

Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions (Tagalog Version)

Redesigned (New) Naturalization Test: Civics (History and Government) Questions (Vietnamese Version)

The Citizen's Almanac - A handbook on U.S. civic history and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
Pocket Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States: A pocket-size version of America's two most important documents.

A Promise of Freedom: An Introduction to U.S. History and Civics for Immigrants A 12-minute video presentation on American civics and history.

Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process A 10-minute multimedia presentation providing general information on the naturalization process.

Your U.S. Citizenship Guide: What You Need to Know to Pass Your U.S. Citizenship Test (SPANISH EDITION)  ISBN# 9781601381361 $18.95