• Internships


    Hello fellow writers and editors and journalists and otherwise creative people!

    We have internship opportunities here at Atlantic.

    Here's what our awesome interns do:

    Write books
    Edit books
    Proof books
    Add pictures to books
    Write press releases
    Write blog posts
    Manage social media
    Learn everything there is to know about the publishing industry from behind-the-scenes


    We also pay our interns.


    We are located in Ocala, FL with a nice Mac desktop set-up, so if you're in the area, that's ideal. If not, that's cool, too. We're working on setting up a national internship program, so send in your inquiry anyway. We might be able to work with you digitally - through Skype and other techy stuff.

    To apply, please send an inquiry email to editorial@atlantic-pub.com