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    Employee Body Language Revealed: How to Predict Behavior in the Workplace by Reading and Understanding Body Language

    ISBN #: 9781601381477


    Only 7 percent of communication is verbal and 38 percent is vocal (pitch, speed, volume, tone of voice). The largest chunk then, 55 percent, is visual (body language, eye contact). People form 90 percent of their opinion about you within the first 90 seconds of meeting you. Understanding body language is a skill that can enhance your life. This understanding can be a plus in the workplace. You can know what an employee or co-worker thinks and feels by examining their subconscious body language. And, like the world's best communicators, you can have strong body language that reflects confidence, competence, and charisma.

    This groundbreaking new book will make you an expert on body language. You will have the ability to read people's minds. Would you like to know if a co-worker is interested or attracted to you, when an employee or co-worker is lying or telling the truth, how to make instant friends, and persuade and influence others? This book contains proven techniques that will make people, including employers and co-workers, like you and trust you. You can use your body language to your advantage by transmitting only the messages you want people to receive. This specialized book will demonstrate step by step how to use body language to your benefit in the workplace and in everyday situations.


    The Complete Guide to Preserving Meat, Fish, and Game: Step-by-Step Instructions to Freezing, Canning, Curing, and Smoking

    ISBN #: 9781601380432


    Teamwork, effective work teams, and team building are popular human resource topics in today's business world. Successful teams and teamwork in any organization enhance the accomplishments of the individual and enable your organization to serve customers better.

    Successful team building will have far reaching ramifications. You will instantly improve the way employees interact with each other and you improve their ability to solve problems. Better problem solving means better efficiency, increased morale and productivity, and decreased stress, turnover, and operating costs. Teambuilding improves communication, leadership, trust, efficiency, crisis management, and fairness.

    In this new jam-packed book you will find hundreds of new low or no cost teambuilding games, exercises, and activities that frankly are fun, easy, and quickly implemented. You will find step-by-step instructions and hints on what to do and what not to do. The programs detailed in this groundbreaking new book will thrill your employees with humor, fun, exciting, memorable, and unique experiences and challenges, while providing your organization with better communication, improved productivity, and higher profitability. Managers will learn how to work as a team, lead successfully, and how to communicate effectively.

    The atmosphere produced during these sessions helps to keep employees motivated and dynamic. Employees will learn to work together, eliminate stress and burn out, and appreciate the talents of their co-workers while building a sense of corporate identity. These activities are designed to get full participation, ensuring everyone performs at their highest level, while breaking down barriers, and most importantly, everyone will have fun with little actual cost to your organization.

How To Communicate with your Spanish & Asian Employees: A Translation Guide for small business owners

How To Communicate with your Spanish & Asian Employees: A Translation Guide for Small Business Owners

ISBN #: 9780910627399


This book includes definitions of common Spanish and Chinese words arranged by such categories as workplace items, foods, greetings, interview questions, introductions, time numbers, days of the week, months, colors, etc. A clean, crisp layout and detailed treatment of words ensure accurate translation and allow the user to grasp the important nuances of the language quickly.

The entire book is duplicated in both Spanish, English and Chinese so both English-speaking and non-English-speaking persons can easily use it. Includes a CD-Rom employee handbook in Spanish and Chinese.


Superior Customer Service: How to Keep Customers Racing Back to your Business: Time-Tested Examples from Leading Companies

ISBN #: 9780910627528


Many stores and service businesses offer the same products at similar prices, so why do some succeed and others fail? Superior customer service is the answer. In today's competitive environment, customers can check the price of an item in seconds on the Internet, and place an order for the lowest price. There has to be a reason to come back to your establishment—unique customer service is the key. This new book details how to care for customers and how to make superior service happen, and keep customers coming back to your store or Web site.

You will learn practical and innovative tips and tricks that are easy to implement and can be applied immediately. This book is a ready-made, in-house training workshop and step-by-step manual for creating superior customer service. Learn from successful companies what works and what doesn't to help keep customers racing back to your business.


365 Ways to Motivate and Reward your Emploeyes Every Day -  With Little or No Money

ISBN #: 9780910627511


This new book is packed with hundreds of simple and inexpensive ways to motivate, challenge and reward your employees. Employees today need constant re-enforcement and recognition and here's how to do it. With real life proven examples and case studies from actual companie, you can use this book daily to boost morale, productivity, and profits.

This is your opportunity to build an organization that people love to work at with these quick, effective, humorous, innovative and simply fun solutions to employee work challenges. Make your business a happy place to work, and reap the benefits.

Now in a newly revised, updated and expanded edition, "365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day: With Little or No Money" by Dianna Podmoroff offers simple and inexpensive ways to build an organization that people love to work at. From cover to cover, "365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day: With Little or No Money" offers quick, effective, humorous, innovative and fun ideas that will improve any business or entrepreneurial enterprise from the smallest of business to the largest of international conglomerates. Featuring a four page Glossary, a two page Bibliography, and a two page Index, "365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day: With Little or No Money" is an absolute 'must' for personal, professional, community, corporate, and academic library Business Management collections. It should be noted that "365 Ways to Motivate and Reward Your Employees Every Day: With Little or No Money" is also available in a Kindle format

501+ Great Interview Quesetions for Employers and the best Answers for Prospective Employees

501+ Great Interview Quesetions for Employers and the Best Answers for Prospective Employees Revised 2nd Edition

ISBN #: 9781620230664


For anyone who hires employees, this is a must-have book. It is also essential for anyone searching for a new job or going on a job interview. This book contains questions that can help you determine a candidate's personality type, type of work he or she is best suited for, and if the person will mesh with your existing employees and workplace. Interviewing potential employees is one of the most difficult and intimidating tasks a manager or business owner will ever face. The task is made even more daunting by the fact that repercussions of a poor hiring decision can haunt the employees, management and the company for a long time to come. Discovering how to decrease the risk and maximize the predictive ability of interviews is key to successful hiring. The person who gives all the "right" answers often gets the job, but if there is no consideration given to what the right answers for your organization are, then a savvy, well-coached interviewee may be chosen over a less polished but more appropriate one. What this book is designed to do is help you determine the best questions to ask and determine the best answers. Not the best answers from a candidate's standpoint (their motivation is simply to get the job), but the best answers for you; satisfying your motivation to hire the person with the best fit, period.


199 Pre-Written Employee Performance Appraisals: The Complete Guide to Successful Employee Evaluations and Documentation: With Companion CD-ROM

ISBN #: 9780910627764


No matter what type of business or even nonprofit organization you are managing, a written performance appraisal is good management. Employee reviews can serve as a platform for employees to bring forth questions and concerns. This can help increase employee dedication, creativity, and job satisfaction. Reviews allow you to evaluate employees for increased responsibilities and future promotions. You will have written records of your employee's performance, get more productivity, and clearly set compensation. Employee appraisals are critical to your organization, but are time-consuming to write. This new book and companion CD-ROM is your solution.

You will produce professional-quality performance reviews in minutes. The book provides over 199 pre-written employee phrases you can insert into a blank employee appraisal form. The evaluations are professional, constructive, and direct. See the accompanying CD-ROM for 25 different categories to evaluate your employee in. Each category includes at least 8 different phrases you can choose from to describe your employee's performance in that category. Pick and choose which categories you would like to include in your employee's performance appraisal and how you want to describe your employee's performance in that category and then just insert them all into the prepared appraisal form.  


The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying at Work: A Complete Guide for Managers, Supervisors, and Co-Workers 

ISBN #: 9781601382368


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than two million workers in the United States alone are victims of workplace violence each year, leading to millions of dollars lost in employee productivity. Many people believe that bullying occurs only among school-age children and fail to acknowledge the presence and devastating effects of bullying in the workplace. It is time that this destructive issue be addressed and resolved; however, you may be asking yourself how to accomplish such a task. The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying at Work will provide you with valuable information on the topic, as well as unique solutions to the problem.

In this new book, you will learn how to identify the problem of workplace bullying, how to define the workplace bully, how to identify characteristics of a "targeted" employee, how to identify pathological characteristic of workplace bullies, how to bust bullying, and how to "bully-proof" your employees. This book also discusses the indicators of a toxic workplace, the causes of workplace bullying, reasons why workplace bullying is perpetuated and unchallenged by other employees, the connection between bullying and lethal workplace violence, and the legal aspects of bullying.

Furthermore, you will learn about "mob" bullying, the effects of bullying on the "target," and the effects of bullying on the organization. The author also covers such special topics as workplace bullying in federal, state, and local organizations; the United States armed forces; Fortune 500 companies; and medical organizations, as well as "reverse bullying" by employees who inappropriately assert harassment and bullying by their superiors even though they have been fairly disciplined for sub-standard job performance.

This book goes one step further and provides solutions to end workplace violence, anti-bullying pledges, and examples of zero-tolerance bullying policies. If you are a manager, a supervisor, or even just an employee and you suspect bullying is occurring, you need to read this book. Whether bullying is already happening or you want to be sure it never does, The Complete Guide to Understanding, Controlling, and Stopping Bullies & Bullying at Work will provide you with everything you need to know to create a better working environment.