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    A Complete Guide for New Single Dads Everything You Need to Know about Raising Healthy, Happy Children On Your Own

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    Raising a child alone, no matter whether you are a father or a mother can be the most trying experience in anyone’s life – from learning all of the many things that two people would normally handle, to being able to adjust to the overwhelming demands of a child on a daily basis. And yet, it is estimated by the US Census Bureau that more than 12.9 single parents were raising their children alone in the United States. While a small percentage of that was single fathers, the hard reality of raising a child alone remains the same for either parent, regardless of gender. Through hours of meticulous research and interviews, this book was compiled to show exactly how a single father can raise a child alone to be happy and healthy without the help of a second parent. You will learn, as a single father, how to reassure your children and maintain the feeling of a family. You will learn how to help them feel better regardless of why you are a single father – whether it be death or divorce. You will learn how to treat your children when alone and how not to start relying on them as a surrogate for a spouse emotionally. You will learn how to effectively communicate with children and how to show affection and be reassuring. The basics of discipline and rules will be outlined for a single parent household along with how you can have fun with your children the right and healthy way. You will learn how to handle religious and cultural traditions, as well as what differences you will encounter with daughters versus sons as a father and how to handle the issues that would normally be dealt with by the mother. Dozens of hours of interviews with experts in child psychology and child raising were conducted and have been included in this book to provide a complete outline of what you can expect throughout the raising of your children. You will learn how to turn your house into a home, divvying up space, having pets, and ensuring chores get accomplished by you and them. You will learn how to go about finding child care you can rely on and what you need to do to juggle your own time and have enough for your work, your children, and yourself. You will learn how to deal with school and ensure your children get the attention they need to succeed. The basics of cooking and health care for children and how to handle their emotional issues as they grow older will all be outlined for you in full. For every father alone for the first time or unsure of how to raise their children alone, this book will provide the detailed instruction you need to be the best possible single father.