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    The Complete Guide to Real Estate Syndication Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

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    With the rising cost of real estate in today’s market, even despite recent down turns in home sales and upturns in foreclosures, the number of real estate syndicates has risen sharply, by more than 30% according to some estimates from groups such as RealEstateLawyers.com. Because the financial risk of real estate investments drops sharply when a syndicate is formed and the availability of capital increases exponentially, real estate syndication is a very real opportunity for many investors looking for larger targets without having to pool as much capital by themselves. This book will provide all potential real estate investors with the necessary tools and knowledge needed to perform syndicated purchases with a newly established group of investors. You will learn everything you need to know about what a syndicate is and the various types and needs they have. You will learn why syndicates are formed, for debt leverage, spendability, and cost indexes. You will learn the basics of syndicators, including various issues such as issuer versus dealer concerns, leverage, risks and responsibilities, choices of projects and disadvantages of syndication. You will also learn the most important details of motivation and profit including finding a broker, other benefiters, areas of profit, profit formulas, public versus private transactions, and how to select what you will syndicate. Top syndicates and real estate brokers around the world have been contacted and interviewed for this book and have provided their insights and knowledge on the subject. You will learn how to select a broker, negotiate financing, select a form of entity, know your tax considerations, form your entity, and document your syndicate. You will be shown how to draft provisions, manage the syndicate, understand and stick to state and federal regulations, market shares, ensure guarantees and securities, and analyze an offering. Essentially everything you could possibly need to know about how to create or join a real estate syndicate is included and detailed in full in this guide.