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    The Complete Guide to Building with Stone Projects and Techniques Explained Simply

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    Human beings have been building with stone for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient stone forms of the pyramids and the Sphinx. There are more than fifty different kinds of stone that have been singled out as ideal for construction and for those who know how to properly use and implement these different methods, there is a nearly infinite number of things that can be done. This book has been designed to walk anyone with a project in mind through the process of developing, planning, and implementing a stone building project. You will learn how to start using stone as a building material, including various details about how it is different from other materials like wood and brick. You will learn how to acquire stone and how is cut, sold, and used in various projects. You will learn what tools you need for stonework and how to start working with dry stone. Details about how to work with mortared stone will help you with more complex projects while numerous detailed projects will be taught as well. These include learning how to build stone walls, corners, buttresses, intersecting walls, arches, intels, keystone spans, gates, windows, doors, barbeque pits, fireplaces, flagstones, bridges, dams, spring houses, well houses, stone houses, and stone barns. Additionally, dozens of stonecutting experts were interviewed for this book and have provided their insights and experience in using stone as a building material and how you can start using it yourself for everything from new projects to restoration of existing stone structures. For every stone building project you need, this book is a great starting point.