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    101 Recipes for Preparing Food in Bulk Everything You Need to Know About Preparing, Storing, and Consuming

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    Food is expensive these days; in fact, in the summer months of 2008 alone the cost of food went up by almost 2 percent according to the Federal Reserve because of inflation and rising food transportation costs. These numbers continue to rise and even those who were once able to feed an entire family on less than $10 per day are finding it hard to make ends meet. One of the best ways to combat these rising food costs is to start making food in batches, buying in bulk and cooking food that can be stored in dry or frozen storage for later eating. Saving money and eventually time, this method of food preparation has been popular for ages, but to be truly cost effective, you need to know the right recipes and tips. This book will guide you through every aspect of preparing, storing, and consuming food in bulk to save you time and money. You will learn everything you need to know about making food in bulk, starting with the core ingredients that will be included in the most easily stored foods. In addition to these basic details about what your bulk foods will include, you will learn how the preparation process is completed for each type of food, including various different storage methods such as freezing, canning, smoking, salting, and pickling. You will learn how foods are stored and how they decompose as well as which foods are hardest to store and what errors and possible failures you might encounter. Dozens of experts from the food service industry and home cooking have been interviewed and have provided insight into the nature of bulk food preparation; these insights are presented right alongside each of the 101 recipes provided in the book, amounting to a complete compendium of recipes, storage methods and profession tips and tricks to keep your food fresh and tasting good as long as possible. For anyone who has ever considered creating and storing their own bulk foods, this book will give you everything you need to get started.