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    How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Painting, Faux Painting, or Mural Business With Companion CDROM

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    The painting, faux painting, and mural business is one of the most lucrative small business opportunities around, with more than $100 billion spent annually according to the International Franchise Association. The need for skilled, qualified painters for everything from the family home to other businesses or the side of a new building has made those with the right skill set highly sought after. For anyone seeking to start their own painting or mural painting business, it is only a matter of knowing where and how to get started and what is needed by them to both open a business and be financially successful in running it. This book was written with all of those expert painters in mind, ensuring that everyone who has ever been interested in starting their own painting business gets every possible resource they need to successfully run that business. You will learn what the basics of the career entail and how to go about running your business. You will learn the fundamentals of what equipment you will need and how to go about acquiring it for a decent rate. Learn how to find partners to help you or hire employees. Also learn the basics of your recordkeeping and how you will keep track of your finances. Additionally, you will learn about how to find and maintain professional contacts and build a portfolio that will help you find new work in the future. You will learn how to meet clients and dress properly and how to scope out the walls at your potential work sites so you can bid and work effectively. You will learn how to bid on a job and get paid for your work and finally how to start painting the walls, including the types of wall surfaces you may have, the paints you might use, how to load up and setup, and how to finalize a project. Dozens of the top faux and mural painters in the nation were contacted and interviewed for this book, their expertise compiled into a series of tips and tricks that will help you both understand how to run a business and be a successful painter. Everything you need to become a faux painter, from the first clients to the expansion of your business is included in this guide; the beginnerís only needed resource.