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    How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Small Farm With Companion CDROM

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    Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, the number of small farms operating in the United States dropped by more than 75 percent according to the US Department of Agriculture. But, recently, there has been a major resurgence in these family operated, outdoor businesses that has made them both financially viable again and underrepresented. The world of small farm businesses is being bolstered by a surge in interest by health conscious individuals looking for organic, locally grown products. This, along with growing food needs in developed and developing countries, makes your potential business very viable. However, knowing how to develop that business effectively can be very hard. This book was written for people just like you – those farmers who are looking to start their own small farm business. You will start by learning what the basics of a small farm entail – what you will need, how your life will change, and what you can expect from the government, your neighbors, and living with plants and livestock. You will learn how the farmer’s lifestyle is different than yours is right now and how to start building a farm plan and evaluating your resources before making any decisions. You will learn how to get help for your plans and what good farming principles, followed by the top farmers in the world are. The nature of the soil, working in the soil, and the essence of crop rotation are outlined in detail to help you make more targeted decisions with your crops. You will also learn how to use green manure and cover crops to protect your plants and the environment at the same time. For this book, dozens of farmers were interviewed from throughout the nation, each of them providing their years of expertise and insight for you to make better decisions about your own new farm business. You will learn the basics of nitrogen and legumes, livestock feeding, and weatherproofing along with planning your business and marketing your goods and services. You will learn how to set new goals and grow your business as well as how to identify your target market and to market within a given niche instead of trying to reach too broad of an audience. You will learn the basics of selling farm products and finally how to manage a farm, including the necessary information you need to hire employees, maintain machinery, and keep your farm up to date with new technology.