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    The Complete Guide to Selling Stocks Short Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

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    Successfully utilizing the stock market in these uncertain economic times can not only be hard; it can be downright confusing and that means you need a guide that helps you navigate the troubled waters. With recent developments in the market and the US Dollar down as much as 15% against many major world currencies, it is hard to keep up with the changing conditions, let alone to master a complex procedure such as short selling in which a careful negotiation between yourself and the broker is necessary. However, with this guide, which takes the concept and outlines it in simple, real world terms that both beginners and veterans alike can understand, you can start taking advantage of one of the major methods that has made brokers so successful around the world. This book is written for you, the new or beginning investor and with the right combination of new insights and developed investment strategies; even you can overcome the complexities of this problematic economy. You will learn how to start selling stocks short and what the concept entails. You will learn how to read the market and what it means when they go up and down, plus how to read those fluctuations before you even start making trades. You will learn what you need to do with a rally and which stocks should be sold short and which ones should not. You will learn the fundamental aspects of how cycles work and how to time your short sales. The basics of overhead supply will be discussed alone with head and shoulders taps. You will be shown the process of setting your price limits and knowing how to read and maintain those limits. Top stock brokers and home trading experts have been interviewed for this book and their expertise compiled to provide you a complete look at the world of short selling, including the details necessary for setting your puts and calls. The full anatomy of a short sale from the first action you take to the final sale is laid out in a detailed action plan and you will be given ideal models for short sales from the top companies in the world. This book, regardless of your expertise and experience in dealing with the stock market will help you learn everything you need to know to start short selling today.