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    The Complete Guide to Making Environmentally Friendly Investment Decisions How To Make a Lot of Green Money While Saving the Planet

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    Today, the world has awakened to a monumental, historic crisis – the issue of climate change and the environmental impact by our big businesses and governments. For many, this means a reexamination of how they make investments and what that can mean for their portfolio and for the planet. From sustainability investment to technological investments in companies that further the cause of environmental care, the cause for ethical, green investment has risen by more than 300 percent since 1993 according to AltAssets, a company that strives to provide investors with viable alternatives for asset allocation in companies that are in line with their own philosophical points of view. This book takes the idea of environmentally friendly investment options and expands on it – providing for you, the reader, the absolute best ways to diversify your portfolio, increase your returns, and invest with a good conscious all the same time. You will learn the fundamental basics of what impacts the environment negatively and what makes an impact negative. You will learn how you can start analyzing businesses from the outset, and what specific details you should always be looking for. Learn what good investments are and what are bad investments, with a series of real world examples designed to walk you through how an individual can clean up their portfolio to only reflect the right kinds of investment. Learn what your own environmental impact is outside of your finances and how you can start making changes in every aspect of your life to combat these issues. With so many people starting to take a closer look at the environmental impact of financial decisions, many experts on the topic have started to appear and of those experts a select few have been interviewed and asked their thoughts on the matter of choosing the right companies for this book. You will learn what the best industries are out there and what the best options for your money are. You will learn what they really mean when they say they are “carbon neutral” and how to find out if a company is truly carbon neutral or if they are just buying credits from companies that truly are carbon neutral. Learn how to read between the fuzzy lines that the EPA gives companies to work with and how to finally start making the right decisions with your portfolio with this book in hand.