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    The Complete Guide to Google Adwords Secrets, Techniques, and Strategies You Can Learn to Make Millions

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    Google AdWords, when it launched in 2002 signaled a fundamental shift in what the Internet was for so many people and businesses. What was once before a concept that could, technically be profitable, had seemingly overnight become a massive cash opportunity for millions, providing the world’s largest search databases in Google – with more than 75 percent of Internet searches through their technology according to Pew Computer Research. That’s millions upon millions of visitors every day searching for keywords that may describe your business. For that reason alone, learning and understanding how Google AdWords operates and how it can be optimized for maximum exposure, boosting click through rates, conversions, placement, and selection of the right keywords, can be the key to a successful online business. This book was written for every business owner who has taken to the Internet in an attempt to market and promote their business through search and content advertising. The keys to success lie in understanding how these services truly work. In this book you will learn about the old methods of direct marketing and why, despite their lack of detail and time consumption, they worked so well. You will then learn how Google AdWords has revolutionized the industry, changing the very definition of direct marketing. You will learn the top advertising strategies used by firms and businesses around the world and how you can write an ad that captures the most possible attention. You will learn how to research keywords, choose a niche in which to market, and then sign up for AdWords and start posting ads. Learn what click through rates, conversion rates, ROI, and CPC are and why they are so vital to the performance of your ad campaign. The world’s top AdWords gurus were consulted for this guide, providing their insight into the best ways to write and present information to your target demographic in a short ad. You will learn how to use every tool provided by Google and a few more not provided by them to research and create your ads and then why things like split testing and demographic research are the fundamental things every business owner must do to succeed. You will finally learn what it takes to become certified in Google AdWords and to start using your knowledge of this revolutionary advertising system to start working as a top paid consultant. Anyone with a business or a great idea who has ever wanted to reach their customers directly and easily needs to read this book and start learning today how Google AdWords can change your advertising methods forever.