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    How to Hide A Practical Guide to Vanishing and Taking Your Assets with You

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    There are many reasons why you might decide to leave your life. You could be one of the nearly 800,000 million Americans every year who have been forced to file for bankruptcy or one of the 900,000 individuals who files for divorce annually. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to hide your assets and disappear without a trace, this book is a complete walkthrough of the process you should use to do so. The first thing you will learn is how you can start planning your move out of the United States. What will you need to do and know before you prepare to leave to ensure that your move goes off smoothly? The choice between staying in the U.S. and leaving the country will be provided, as well as a rundown of very important questions you must ask yourself before you leave your old life behind, including cautions, and the legal implications of your departure that can never be undone. You will learn where the best places in the world are to hide yourself and your assets. The process of diversifying your money out of U.S. credit bureau and Financial Crime Enforcement Network oversight will be provided, allowing you to start hiding your assets in nondescript, untraceable locations. You will learn what you need to do to start generating your new identity and what ties need to be completely severed in order to make sure your old identity does not come back to haunt you. You will learn how to travel in and out of your new country and the U.S. with ease and how you can access, move, and keep your money safely without giving away where it is hidden. The most important aspect of this book will be the chapter on how you will be searched for and what you should expect. The various purposes for your departure will affect how thoroughly you are sought out and what you must do to stay hidden. Additionally, you will be shown how to maintain your lifestyle according to where you move and what your assets are worth in your new home. A special chapter geared exclusively toward the victims of abuse, including spousal, domestic, or other types, is included, along with information on what to do if you have children or other ties to your former life. Finally, you will be shown how the Internet will become an invaluable tool to you in staying hidden, but also a portal through which people can find and stay in contact with you. For anyone seeking to finally break free of their old life and be gone, without a trace, this book provides a complete, step-by-step guide to help you hide your assets, get away, and stay hidden for good.