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    How to Stop E-Mail Spam, Spyware, Malware, Computer Viruses, and Hackers from Ruining Your Computer or Network The Complete Guide for Your Home and Workplete Guide for Your Home and Work

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    It seems like everywhere you go on the Internet, there is spam, spyware, and the risk of viruses infecting your computer and ruining your online experience. In businesses alone, according to Nucleus Research Inc. spam costs more than $712 per employee each year in productivity and computing resources. Spyware slows computers, ruins files, and can result in stolen information. According to the same Nucleus Research report, the estimation on money lost by businesses due to computer viruses ranges between $100 million and $2 billion annually depending on how the total is calculated, and the cost continues to rise as every major company moves to fully digital workplaces. What this means for everyday users like you and the business you work for is that every time you download a computer virus or click on a spam e-mail on accident, you are wasting money, endangering your computer, and risking the loss of information. This complete, revolutionary book has compiled all of the vital information you need to make sure that you are able to combat the billion dollar risk of incursive software infecting your home and work computers. You will learn why there is so much spam in your inbox, how the spammer thinks and what the goals of spyware and viruses actually are. You will then learn how you can start spam proofing your inbox by never giving away personal information and using secure e-mail clients. You will learn how companies get spyware onto your hard drive and what you can do to block it from appearing. Learn which viruses have caused the most damage and how they infect your computer and which software is most effective in blocking the download and infestation of them onto your hard drives. You will learn the value of a good firewall, what it does to stop the ill will of spammers and hackers and what actions you can take to block the breach of your firewall and your computerís defenses. Learn how to remove spyware from your computer and make sure you are not giving away personal or valuable work information and then learn how to lock down your inbox and desktop to keep that software from returning. Learn what to do when you do get a virus and how to return your computer to the state of security it was in beforehand. Most importantly, with the valued input gathered from countless interviews with computer security and safety experts, you will learn how you became such a large target for all that spam. Learn what is it that you are doing that makes it so easy for spammers to fill your inbox. Once you have tackled the source of the problems, as outlined in this book, you will never again need to worry about the incursive, destructive effects of spam, spyware, and computer viruses.