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    The Complete Guide to Your Personal Finances Online StepbyStep Instructions to Take Control of Your Financial Future Using the Internet

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    With the growth of the Internet, the personal finance industry has equally boomed, allowing individuals who previously had no control of their money to take the reins and start banking, investing, and controlling funds online without the need for pricey professional help. In 2002, the number of people investing online was around 20 million. In 2006, that number had ballooned to almost 55 million and the estimates for the 2007 fiscal year show that it has risen as much as 40 percent higher as more people realize the potential that online services provide. But for many people, the complexities of finance are still too much. For that reason, this book was written–to provide you with a complete guide of everything you need to know to start managing and investing your money online. You will learn the basics of why people take to the Internet to manage their personal finances and how you can start doing it today. Starting with the basics of online banking, you will learn what you can do keep track of your checking and savings accounts, pay your bills online, and even apply for loans from the comfort of your own home. You will learn how to measure your own assets and how much money you can afford to spend. A special section is devoted to deciphering the complex language of the financial sector to help you understand what you are dealing with. You will learn how to know if you are a passive or active investor and what kinds of rate of return you can expect. In addition, learn how to prepare your computer for use as a personal finance hub — the necessary safety and security precautions to keep your information safe, the Web sites you should bookmark, the tools you should have installed, and countless tips to help you keep track of the market, top picks, and your fellow investors. The various types of online accounts will be broken down for you, including taxable brokerage accounts, retirement accounts (401k and IRAs), and education savings accounts such as 529 plans. You will learn how to determine what your tax burden will be in relation to your investments, as well as how to seek out and find the right broker for your needs. You will be walked through the process of finding the best financial opportunities and executing trades as well as your alternate choices in stock options and FOREX trading. Hours of interviews and careful research with the industry’s top investors and online finance professionals will provide an additional level of knowledge to help you know that every financial decision you make is correct. You will be shown how to keep in touch with your fellow investors, what mutual funds, ETFs and various other financial options are at your disposal, as well as how to start investigating in the companies you are looking to invest in. You will learn how to uncover the top prospects and develop investment ideas, as well as the top ten mistakes you absolutely must avoid as an online investor. For anyone seeking a complete resource for online personal finance, look no further than this book.