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    The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Tree House For Parents and Adults Who Are Kids at Heart - With Companion CD-ROM

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    As children, many people dreamed of having a tree house, a place where they could go to get away, to play, and to relax. Today, more and more people, especially in the United States, England, Germany, France, and Brazil, are making this dream a reality. This dream, however, is not just for children; in fact, Corbin Dunn, a 26-year-old, lives in his tree house in Santa Cruz, California, full-time. The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Tree House will show you how to create one of these sky-high getaways, whether it is a child's play area or an adult hideaway. The oldest documented tree house still in existence is located in England on the grounds of Pitchford Hall and dates back to the 17th century. This proves that a tree house can be a lasting investment, especially if you choose the right tree and the right materials. This book will show you how to select a tree, prepare the tree, price materials, purchase the best materials, use the right tools, and buy lumber. You will learn about all the tree house basics and the anatomy of a tree house, including the four corners, the diagonal support, the floor, the ladder, the railing, and the roof. In this book you will also learn about waterproofing, safety precautions, and building regulations and restrictions. You will be provided with design, building, and decorating tips, as well as non-technical drawings to aid you in the building process. You will learn about supports, windows, skylights, and tree house designs, such as shingled, two trees and two posts, and perch. Also included is an additional section on all the accessories you can add on to your house, like a ladder hoist, a fire pole, swings, a zip line, a trash box, a pulley and basket, a drawbridge, a crow's nest, a rope bridge, slides, and a trap door. Whether you are building a tree house for your child or for yourself, The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Tree House will provide you with dozens of helpful tips, tricks, and suggestions from people who have already undertaken this endeavor. With the help of this book, your treetop hideaway will quickly become a reality.